20 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers - 2017

Undoubtedly, technology plays crucial role in the financial sector and have brought radical changes in the traditional financial services landscape. Nowadays, digital technology revamps traditional business practices, and many innovators leverage cutting edge technology to offer efficient as well as effective financial solutions, and make financial services more accessible, convenient and cheaper. In India, high adoption of technology, rapidly expanding internet, mobile penetration, government policies and increasing demand for streamlining day-to-day operations etc. are the significant factors that drive the growth of fintech market.

Presently, fintech companies optimize technological expertise and advanced data analytics to offer customized products and seamless financial services. This helps various aspects of finance industry including banking and capital markets, asset and wealth management, insurance, and payments etc. As the penetration of online and mobile services increases, data security and privacy become vital challenges to enterprises. Therefore, organizations necessitate innovative fintech vendors who can deliver best of breed solutions and assist them in every steps.

Certainly, fintech industry has been growing as an exciting space and many vendors enter with feasible solutions and remarkable services. Finding a right partner, is a strenuous task for enterprises, hence CIOReview presents a list of “20 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers”, to assist C-Level executives for choosing suitable partners. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview editorial team have scrutinized various companies before finalizing these vendors who enable enterprises to attain numerous benefits such as improved business growth, enhanced operations, efficient management and better customer experience.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Finance Technology Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
Capsilon A provider of Document Imaging, Document Capture, Mortgage Technology, LoanDelivery, Compliance and SaaS services.
CoPASS Aprovider of user-friendly cost-effective products with features like any where access, multilingual support,inter branch transactions among others.
Decimal Technologies A provider of solutions for Mobile based Sales Lead Management, Sales Process Digitisation, Tab based Account Opening, Mobile Enabled Enterprise Systems
ECS Fin Inc A provider of FinTech solutions for banks, central banks, investment managers and more.
Encore Theme Technologies A provider of Professional Services, Consulting Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Application Services and Offshore Development services.
Euphoria Technologies A provider of Digitization, Business Process Outsourcing, IT Business
IFTAS (Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services) A provider of finance technology solutions for Public/ Private Sector Banks (PSBs), Regional Rural Banks(RRBs),UrbanCo-operativeBanks(UCBs), Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) and more.
Jocata GRID A provider of platform for finance technology for Business (Digital Lending), Operations (M&A,KYC Remediation),Risk(ORM&EWS) and Compliance(KYC, AML & CFT,Fraud).
Metrics4 Analytics A provider of financial & business data, research & analytics for investment analysis, business decision making and IT consulting
Peacksoft A provider of software for Online Financial Accounting,Tax Filing, Cloud Based Software, and GST Compliant.
Perfios Software Solutions A provider of Aggregation API, Statement Analyser, E-Verification,Money Manager and Advisor solutions etc.to aid individuals, corporates and large financial institutions.
Puratech Solutions A provider of solutions for Travel Technology, Banking Finance, Agri-Ware housing, Compliance Management, Geology and Mining.
Quantum Phinance A provider of treasury, risk& valuation solutions to Banks, corporate treasuries, hedge funds & other financial institutions
Roadmap IT solutions A provider of ERP for FinancialManagement with modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Taxation and Fixed Assets modules.
SOMAYAJI Technolabs: A provider of implementation, first level support and project management solutions to aid Small and Medium sized banks.
Transaction Analysts A provider of Transaction Processing/Switching Services, Subscription And Advisory Services, Payments Software Development, Support And Maintenance,Aci - Base 24 Support Services, Certification And...
TSS Consultancy A provider of software incorporated with modules like CKYC, Anti-Money Laundering,Customer Onboarding,Document Management System, ETT (Employee Trade tracker), BPM among others.
Virtusa Polaris A provider of IT Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing Services, Application Maintenance, Development, Systems Integration and Managed Services.
Winsoft Technologies A provider of Software Consulting, Legacy Application Maintenance Software Testing, Enterprise Software Application Development Software Product Life cycle Management services and more.
WizProTek Consulting Aprovider of Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Education Services and Support Services.