Focus on the People Aspect will take the Business Places By Sanjeev Jain, VP of Information Technology, Integreon

Focus on the People Aspect will take the Business Places

Sanjeev Jain, VP of Information Technology, Integreon | Monday, 09 October 2017, 09:14 IST

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Far too often business transformation efforts concentrate on the process improvement strate­gies and business process re-engineering; while essentially ignoring the people aspect of the change initiative. In my opinion, one should not ignore people who have been part of organi­sation and it is very important to take their opinion and feedback, which can change face of organisation. Each in­dividual comes with different skills sets and it is important for each organisation to ensure that their past experience and skills are documented and communicated to key stake­holders. Their skills can be utilised based on new project, rather than looking for someone outside of the organisa­tion. This also motivates Employee and it is growth path for them as well.

Over the past decade, I have seen more than 50+ com­panies try to remake themselves into significantly better competitors and improve gross margins.Their efforts have gone under many banners: total quality management, reen­gineering, right sizing, restructuring, cultural and change of working environment. However, in almost every case, the basic goal has been the same: to make fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a new, more challenging market environment.

A few of these corporate change efforts have been very successful. A few have been utter failures. Most fall some­where in between, with a distinct tilt toward the lower end of the scale. The lessons that can be drawn are interesting and it is directly linked with people who were part of the project.

Integreon has made significant developments in terms of adopting latest tools and technology. Integreon operate in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, col­laborating with our clients across time zones, borders and languages. Integreon virtually connected with all offices using Managed Private Leased Connectivity and it enables Associates at remote locations to work seamlessly together. One of latest addition in technology platform is VenioOne, which is a solid platform, and we are excited to add this technology to our toolkit of leading e-discovery solutions.

Every company has its own DNA, the behaviors and values that make that company what it is. We have identi­fied nine behaviors that embody our three ONE INTE­GREON values and make up the strands of Integreon’s corporate DNA. They are: (FIG. Below)

We collaborate with our clients to determine their strengths, build on them with custom solutions and work to refine them every day. As part of our ongoing service delivery, we measure quality regularly, report diligently and never stop looking for opportunities for continuous improvement. With such a singular focus on client service and outcomes, we have become a highly awarded company in the outsourcing field.

Thinking about making investments in technology my message is simple. Take the people, process, technology ap­proach to maximise chances of achieving both a successful implementation and work more effectively with the clients to win business and maximise company profits. We adopt a constant improvement approach to ensure all stakeholders have bought into the change and feel a part of the journey. We align our processes with technology to ensure all as­pects of the business are covered and visually available to all stakeholders.

The technology strategy should engage with their peo­ple and processes to support company’s goals. The organi­zation or business should continuously evaluate and im­prove their technology to meet new objectives and scale with the business as we grow.

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