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Avekshaa Technologies: Ensuring IT Predictability and Assurance


In today’s connected world, Internet and Information Technologies have opened enormous opportunities for businesses to expand beyond international boundaries, launch new services and bring new customers in their fold. However, this has also brought along burning issues of higher level of complexity in the IT Systems, especially related to IT Applications Performance issues, Information Security, Protection of Identities, Scalability and Availability of the IT systems. Further in an increasingly Connected-Digital-mobile world and the Cloud models, problems are further compounded and amplified. Because of the increasing dependence of Business on IT, any failure in IT can impact Business and Customer services. Hence enterprises are today looking at proactively mitigating risks associated with technology failures and make IT fast and efficient. Further, enterprises wantto extract maximum value out of the investments made by them in their existing and new IT infrastructure, Applications and Processes.
Avekshaa Technologies, a Bangalore based Specialized IT Solutions Company, established in the year 2011, helps enterprises enhance their return over investment by ensuring IT Predictability and Assurance. Through its technology platform called P-A-S-S™, the company addresses the issues of Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security (P-A-S-S™) in a Proactive and Holistic manner. The platform is built around core IPs, proven methodologies, and a knowledge base of use cases and real life scenarios. It is a newer approach to manage complexity, investment protection, and value extraction from the existing and new IT Systems. “Our view point is that there is a critical gap in the current industry paradigm – which is reactive, disjointed and non-holistic, leading to the above failures and losses. Further we take complete ownership of entire technology stack across application life cycle: Development – Maintenance – Production,” says Rajinder Gandotra, Founder and CEO, Avekshaa Technologies.

Path breaking approach
Avekshaa with its unique P-A-S-S™Modelling approach is able to identify and solve serious Architecture – Design and Code issues when only 10 percent development is done, as against the industry norm of discovering it when more than 80 percent development is completed. Their unique value proposition coupled with highly competent team make a perfect mix. Their P-A-S-S™ Platform is built based on the experience of over 250 complex projects, which enable consistent delivery of results. In a current multi-vendor scenario, vendors do not take the responsibility of solving P-A-S-S™ issues across the seven layers of the technology stack, thus often leading to a situation where parts of the technology layers are working fine – the integrated whole is failing, leading to business failures. By taking single point of ownership to resolve, Avekshaa overcomes this gap and takes complete P-A-S-S™ ownership.
In Application/IT systems Migration, Avekshaa proactively prevents and resolves Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability failures. This is important as clients carry a significant business disruption risk post migration due to technology failures. The goal is to move to the target system with optimal performance, efficiency and without hassles and risk to business.
In one of the cases handled by Avekshaa, a large payment solutions company offered a rural banking solution to one of its large client in a hosted model. The application was freezing at about 29,000 transactions per day whereas the requirement was to support 300,000 transactions perday. The application had to be re-started multiple times during the day to sustain the load. Avekshaa Technologies was invited to first stabilize the application and later scale it up to meet the business needs of 300,000 transactions per day. Application was re-architected in record time before the system was exposed to the additional load by the Payment solution company’s client. This exercise was completed in record eight weeks since the company was expecting increased load every month. At the same time, no hardware upgrade was required to service which rigorously multiplied the volume of transactions. This implied maximum ROI from existing investments, improvement in Customer service and increased ability to handle more Business

Future Ahead
The surge in innovations in technology has eventually caused complications and made the conventional techniques obsolete. Avekshaa has narrowed a path which helps their clients in preventing, improving and solving the performance, availability and scalability issues. They are keen about assisting enterprises to mitigate IT related business risks and make IT systems efficient by engineering applications which has robust and scalable architecture. So far, they have focused on solutions in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Retail domains, covering the entire technology stack and IT application life cycle for both Cloud and on-premise models.
In the IT predictability and Assurance space, Avekshaa has already established itself as a leader in the Indian market and it aims at becoming the global market leader in this niche P-A-S-S Assurance space with international presence in US, UK, Australia and India. “We are targeting revenue of US$ 100 Million over the next five to six years” envisions Rajinder Gandotra.