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Analytic Edge: Enabling Sharper Insights


Large organizations have found huge benefits from mining and analyzing big data. However, these organizations may face challenges when data becomes too huge and varied in nature over time. Companies should consider rationalisation of data i.e. the amount of data to be stored and analyzed. However, with growing competition and the pace at which industry is moving, it is never easy for companies to solve these issues.

Aiding these companies is Analytic Edge, a provider of high impact business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and technology. We collaborate with organizations to perform data audits to first strengthen the data management process and then develop customized solutions to aid in business decision making. We integrate myriad data sources and apply cutting edge analytic techniques to deliver insights that drive tremendous business value,” mentions Vijay Co-Founder & Director at Analytic Edge.

Flexible To Collaborate With Organizations
The industry has come far to realize the importance of making more informed decisions. There is a huge buzz around big data and everyone is eager to learn about it. With advancement in big data technology, investments are coming down and that helps all organizations to join the bandwagon.

Analytic Edge is flexible to collaborate with organizations that are keen to understand their data assets and mine structured and unstructured sources of data. “We leverage our advanced statistical skill sets to provide technology enabled custom advanced analytics solutions,” mentions Vijay.

Analytic Edge effectively engages with organizations to help them evaluate their current data assets, understand the usefulness of disparate sources of information, build a periodic insights layer and leverage advanced analytics to identify “WHY OF THE WHAT”. This process rationalizes the storage cost, improves knowledge of business trends based on relevant KPIs and strengthens ways to reach long term goals.

The Solution Portfolio
The company does all this through its cloud based “Marketing Mix Analytics” platform named “Decision Drivers EdgeTM” that helps organizations optimize their pricing and marketing spend.

The firm also offers Shopper Insights Analytics and Customer Experience Management solution, which is a cloud based behavioural analysis and tracking system using customer-shopping data to help organizations understand the shoppers and what they want to buy and not buy.

The Roadmap
Industry today has almost conquered the big data frontier with technological advancement on data management and the next logical step would be to derive meaningful insights from this ocean.

Analytic Edge’s goal is to create a technology enabled advanced analytics solutions in the market around its focus areas of marketing and 360 degree customer analytics. The firm also wants to expand its offerings across multiple industry verticals such as CPG, Retail, Telecom, Education, Travel and Leisure and Healthcare.