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BoredBees Tech Solutions: Delivering end to end Technology solutions and Outsourcing services to Resolve the Intricacies in Deployment of IT Solutions


Enterprises irrespective of size are facing multidimensional challenges in the market place that come along with the deployment of IT solutions. The complex underlying architecture on which most of the software runs throws surfeit of maintenance challenges. Another reason for the increase in complexity is that customers demand more exact specifications, and customization, than ever before. The peril of irregular maintenance and non-compliance of IT solutions and security policies have led to an incessant demand for solutions that provide the key not only to ensure compliance with new legal requirements but also to reduce huge implementation costs. By addressing some of the overlooked aspects of Enterprise IT, BoredBees Tech Solutions, headquartered in Hubli, Karnataka provides quick, simple, customizable cost effective enterprise services that enhance the deployment and utilisation of IT solutions.
BoredBees turnkey solutions provided at the budget suiting various levels of business has helped to get potential buyers for its solutions and build long lasting relationships with customers. “Simplicity is a competitive advantage. Customization of products made under BoredBees banner is its USP,” says Anand G Naik, CEO and MD at Boredbees Tech Solutions.

While the start up ecosystem has revamped significantly over the years, getting a balance in quality, growth and money management continue to stand as some of the major pitfalls. BoredBees too had to face the bleak picture involved in a start up environment but with dexterity and efficient handling of clients’ requirements, the company has made its way to becoming a foundation for a prospering start-up company.

Determining the imperativeness of software development in growing economics, the company now aims at mobility and cloud technology to elevate clients’ expectations and appreciation.
Realizing the need of a transparent and cost effective solution to garner more happy clients, BoredBees takes advantage of its experience and expertise in mobile application development to serve clients across the globe in ERP domain. Having more than 100 applications incorporated in various global stores, the company stands as a pioneer in mobile application market in North Karnataka. Serving various industries like Retail, Government, Education, Life Sciences, Media & Information Sciences, BFSI, High Tech, Logistics & Distribution, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Healthcare, BoredBees primarily provides innovative tech solutions such as Android applications, ERP and e-Commerce.

Citing to varied factors that empower customers with innovative end to end technology solutions, BoredBees intends to expand to greater geographical areas including Pune and Delhi in a manner that it can reap cost effective quality application, by adhering to the strict time lines. Guided by a strong value based system which practices high level of ethics and empowerment, the company consistently aims at providing customized solutions for the satisfaction of the customers. “I believe and entrust that the BoredBees team have the capacity to make the expansion and help the company in earning an income of 20 million dollars by 2017. I have the confidence that wonderful BoredBees Team will accomplish the Vision that I dreamt of and make it a reality”, concludes Anand.