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September - 2014 Issue
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During the late 1980s system integrators ushered in a new era as custom software began to replace the underlying mainframes in driving the core of the enterprise solutions. Almost ten years later the rise of specialty integrators helped drastically in assisting with this shift. more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies

Many IT organizations still continue to spend a majority of their time “keeping the lights on” for their IT operations. more>>
Gartner reports suggest that on-premise ERP market in India is expected to touch $538 million by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 17 per cent. more>>
Customers online have encountered the pitfalls of ecommerce solutions that are not capable of providing a consistent shopping experience... more>>
If someone had asked you whether your school or college was ready for data digitization two decades ago you would have probably given a... more>>
One of the persistent issues retailers face is in finding a solution that addresses their business pain points and yet has the capability... more>>
Demand for enterprise software is soaring, according to the latest research from Gartner. The worldwide IT spending growth forecast... more>>
In the advent of a wide variety of IT services moving in the cloud, myriad of enterprises are considering to connect business divisions... more>>
SMBs are dealing with on-going hassles of maintaining the in-house infrastructure, scalability and performance that hinder operational... more>>
Location analytics is creating buzz in new age business environment and very few players can claim to be creating products in this space. more>>
Today’s competitive environment requires enterprises to be highly efficient, innovative and easily adaptable in order to succeed. more>>
The enterprise software industry is undergoing a cyclical transition as organizations are focusing investment on technologies to support... more>>
One of chief challenges facing the recruitment vertical today is the incapability of the recruiting software to be tailored to fit in... more>>
oday’s enterprise software domain can be divided into three layers with CRM and ERP forming two major parts and the third part being... more>>
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions have evolved a long way but not far enough; especially in multi-site and multi-mode... more>>
Globalization and the increased adoption of industry focused SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are changing the IT landscape of midmarket... more>>
ERP market is fluid, fragmented and incurring more change and disruption than at any time prior. more>>
The promises of ERP have stirred many businesses to implement ERP to streamline their workflow and operations. more>>
Digital assets are a pivotal piece of today’s business operations, and without the continuous availability of these digital assets,... more>>
Regardless of the number of benefits a company gets from ERP applications, there are a lot of challenges and bottlenecks surrounding ERP... more>>

10 Most Promising Enterprise Software Startup Companies

3LOQ believes in “Simple Connections” This means that brands must find the information simple and actionable and that consumers... more>>
Citing to varied factors that empower customers with innovative end to end technology solutions, BoredBees intends to expand to greater... more>>
Treading on the path of growth, CareerVita aims to provide an opportunity for the corporate to choose the right candidate as well as for... more>>
“What makes uKnowva different from other similar platforms is the fact that it is built on open-source framework and released under... more>>
The new software providers lack a platform to showcase their enriched pack of solutions as larger players have already grown their foot... more>>
Security is paramount for every enterprise in the US and they always look into solutions where both security and privacy can be controlled. more>>