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Evude Software: Enabling Customers to Achieve Business Goals with Value based Work flow Solutions


T seems to be the petridish for many aspiring and innovative startups foraying to capture the growth and garner a big name for its products and solutions in the competitive market. The firm is big and highly recognized, but plaqued by the expensive deals of software license. The company harbors several divisions from marketing to accounts but not every division in this company is in need of an application but cost of license has to be incurred by every division. Evude Software, headquartered in Bangalore, introduced their set of solutions that refrains the customer from incurring any expensive software policy for the entire business process. Shifting application delivery models pose a challenge to software license and asset management programs and Evude Software over the years have gained heavy trust of customers by porting their small applications in to a platform engineered by Evude.
“Evude Software allows applications to be accessed anywhere and from any device. That’s the core of Evude Software”,-says Sreenivasan who serves as the MD of the organization. The Indian market has immense potential to offer the Entrepreneurs .Attracted by these growing opportunities many companies have already come and are expanding their business in India. “We saw these ever increasing opportunities and marched to be recognized for our solutions and services”, adds Sreenivasan.
It’s not always painless to be successful in the Indian market principally for first time investors; it is hard to fully understand the process of investing or prospecting business opportunities in India. These difficulties may lie in the fact that the Indian consumer market is large and cost conscious. But few companies like Evude Software have number of success stories to be told. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. These include things like hiring the right people, building a brand and so on. Evude Software now boasts of a platform where it has started to train fresh talents from colleges and deliver insights about their core products and solutions. Small software providers’ competitiveness is getting eroded as big companies implement softwares from other giant IT players. The new software providers lack a platform to showcase their enriched pack of solutions as larger players have already grown their foot prints in the market.
Customers always look for a platform to port their existing applications in such way that it becomes highly customizable and cost effective; this entails software, hardware, implementation, consultants, training and many more in the same list. Keeping the tabs on, Evude software provides work flow solutions to cater the needs of finance, manufacturing and accounts. “Our solutions are fast, UI and module is tested before the customer and it is highly customizable and scalable; that’s where the difference is”, says Sreenivasan. Relying on the concept of "value based consulting" and not on "cost based consulting" Evude’s mobile TV solution integrates all the components mandatory to make available a complete working Mobile TV product tailored to suit customer requisite of User Interface, Broadcast technology and Hardware platform. Some of the major products of Evude are Portable DVB-T middleware, DVB-H Middleware and A/V Player.
The success of Evude Software can be chalked down to the feedbacks and responses of an Indian customer as it was successful in getting a client locally in India last year. Moving forward with an outlook to deploy highly scalable business IT solutions and help the customers to manage their existing processes, Evude Software continues to build a solid foundation of satisfied clients with a highly successful business.