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i7 Networks: Embracing Agentless Enterprise BYOD Solutions to Keep track on Malicious Threats


The enterprise mobile security has a huge potential to upgrade the existing platforms. With benefits comes a gray area as research firms are witnessing threats that enable attackers to remotely wipe devices, install malicious software, access data and run applications on smartphones. The smartphone industry has been scrambling to respond to an increasing number of vulnerabilities uncovered in mobile technology. Enterprises today seek a transparent security solution, which helps in discovering all BYODs in the network, applying BYOD access policies while detecting and blocking jailbroken and malicious devices in the network. i7 networks, headquartered in Bengaluru, India provides security solutions that help companies to manage BYODs without intruding user privacy.

“It is very easy for an employee to connect his personal device to the corporate network irrespective of what checks they put. These unchecked & unmonitored devicesaccessing the corporate network creates a huge security hole increasing the risk of data leakage and exploitation of vulnerabilities”, says Manjunath Gowda, CEO and co-founder of i7 Networks. Jailbreaking a device involves dodging its technological protection elements. All it takes is a single jailbroken device to breach and snoop on the network. “We have built intelligence by analyzing network packets, traffic patterns& behaviour to detect whether the device is jailbroken or compromised by an malicious APP, this feature has become the heart of our solution, and we are the only one in the market to do so”-adds Manjunath.

With a stark difference, i7 networks won accolades at the Microsoft Startup Demo Day held in San Francisco on June 17 for its agentless BYOD Discovery and Security tool.

Furthermore, the company offers IT leaders and CIOs a flexible and easy way of securing the network by providing several controls for accessing the sensitive servers and by applying highly granular and secured access. i7 networks’ Peregrine7 is an agentless BYOD security tool that collates intelligence to detect jailbroken and malicious devices in the network and wedges them automatically “Today organizations face a challenge while identifying the difference between a corporate and personal device as some employees bring their own device and some get a device from the company itself. This could lead to security infringement,”- says, Manjunath.

After capturing a place in the competitive and cost conscious Indian Market, i7 networks has recently tossed in to the US market. Security is paramount for every enterprise in the US and they always look into solutions where both security and privacy can be controlled. With a positive outlook, i7 networks work relentlessly towards offering security solutions that agentlessly detect all BYODs, grant differential access based on corporate and personal devices without compromising on either security or privacy.In this new era security forms an integral part of every strategy, i7 networks has geared up to explore the US market where privacy & security are given top most priorities while deploying mobile strategies.