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Convergence IT Services: Integrating All Critical Applications on a Single Platform


Some of the major challenges that businesses are facing today with respect to CRM, ERP and Business Process Execution are poor user experience, complex deployment process, limited business insights, incomplete customer requirement analysis, siloed data and lack of social collaboration features. Under these circumstances, it is compelling for enterprises to look for a solution which can integrate all critical applications on a single platform and allow businesses to carry on their everyday work with greater efficiency. This search ends at uKnowva, the flagship product of Mumbai headquartered Convergence IT Services Pvt Ltd. uKnowva is an extensible enterprise collaboration platform that offers a private and secure platform for employees to engage in seamless networking and communication, sharing of knowledge and leveraging the capabilities of business productive tools to achieve accelerated growth and increased productivity.

“What makes uKnowva different from other similar platforms is the fact that it is built on open-source framework and released under GPL license. It provides extension store with free and paid applications, and allows easy integration of custom built applications. Adding to its uniqueness is its compatibility with different operating system like Android, Mac and windows and can work seamlessly across various devices like desktop, tablets and mobile.” says Piyushkumar Jain, CEO, Convergence IT Services. The revolutionary product offers social collaboration features along with document and knowledge management system, Calendar, Polls etc that gives enterprise solutions like CRM and ERP a social edge. This helps companies to bring in greater employee engagement and seamless collaboration across teams. uKnowva is easy to deploy and offers user friendly and intuitive interface that helps in greater engagement.
Rather than being a standalone software uKnowva is a platform that offers scalability and extensibility features that help businesses achieve higher productivity and accelerated growth. The integration of third-party or customized developed application adds to its scalability proposition.

The scalability attribute allows customer to integrate process critical applications on the platform and use it along with its other features. Different applications like CRM, HRM, Lead Management System and Support Desk can be integrated with uKnowva. There are various ways through which an existing application can be integrated with it. One option is to install locally by uploading .ukv extension file of the application. Alternatively, one can browse different applications that are available on the extension store and integrate the one required. In addition, user can create a link to already existing application which creates a link in the Apps bar to the application URL.

Being available with on-cloud (single-tenant and multi-tenant) and on-premise model, uKnowva helps businesses have greater control and flexibility over their data. Used by esteemed customers like Exim Bank of India, Mindteck (India) Ltd, Prime Focus Technologies, Capital First and many others, uKnowva reaffirms its worth with every addition to the clientele and Convergence IT Services continues to attract new global customers.