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SourceEdge: Providing Vertical Specific and BI driven Enterprise Solutions


ERP market is fluid, fragmented and incurring more change and disruption than at any time prior. The challenges being faced by the enterprises range from ensuring business agility and providing vertical specific solutions to building customizable solutions which are comprehensive. Addressing these concerns is Bangalore based SourceEdge Software Technologies which follows a unique approach towards ERP by including Business Intelligence as a part of ERP system. The company offers ERP solutions which are vertical specific and comprehensive, covering BI to provide early warning system and to guide business decision using predictive analysis.

“Unlike larger software vendors, SMB level software vendors promulgate enterprise softwares based on their platform partnerships. We are unique by being a platform agnostic system integrator (SI) and comprehensive solution provider that today’s enterprises demand from one vendor/partner source for ERP and beyond.” says Rajesh M R, CEO, SourceEdge.

SourceEdge offers complete ERP solutions under its brand SE EdgeERP as well as out-of-box products from Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV), Axapta (AX), AX Retail, LS Retail and SAP. SE EdgeERP and AgriSys are two of its flagship products that are offered to retail trade and corporate farming under agriculture industries respectively. SE EdgeERP is designed as role-based ERP, a flexible, convenient and easy-to-use ERP application that enables the assembly of screens and functions necessary to fit each user’s role and responsibilities. The product brings all business operations into a single simple solution, from estimating purchasing and shipping to even accounting, with its easy-to-use features. Designed specifically for retail industry, SourceEdge's comprehensive ERP helps enterprises run more smoothly, while increasing both productivity and profits. It accommodates all core functions and operational requirements that are unique to the retail and distribution industry.

“We chose to implement Source Edge’s EdgeERP solution after failure to implement out-of-box ERP. EdgeERP delivered us an integrated solution by providing us real time data of business, helped us to make decision quickly to configure and design business specific features and finally enabling us to define business policy, process sales plan and price management the way we wanted. EdgeERP delivered to us ROI and satisfaction compared to branded ERP that couldn’t deliver,” says Jagadeesh Kumar.P, CEO, Bharat Glass and Crockeries.

To create a business solution for seed producers, which would streamline, integrate and standardize the processes, AgriSys was developed by SourceEdge. The beneficial features of the product include controlled inventory management, quick view on availabilities, correctly calculated production plan and control over working capital, among others. “We chose SourceEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products.” says Deepinder Singh, Head IT, Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

SourceEdge is focusing on four lines of business (LOBs), defined as Projects, Platforms, Products and Professional Services. The organization is driving each LOB as its strategic business unit and looking to grow them both organically and in-organically to position the company offering at a wider scope of enterprise solutions.