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Busigence: Decision Intelligence Company


Busigence creates decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and behaviour enabling strengthened decisions.
Company has proven solution for Retailers and Marketers. ‘Retail4i’ focuses on problems related to customer experience, store operations, merchandising, market basket, supplier, and call center analytics; whereas ‘Marketing4i’ brings value to CMOs by providing end-to-end solution for products, promotions, and customer sentiments.
Alongwith, Company offers ingenious products to the industry across varied verticals. Busigence’s emmoQ is cloud based emotion analytics solution providing actionable insights on user interactions driving meaningful decisions. This product is based on Natural Language Processing which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to understand & analyze human speech as it is spoken & written.
Busigence follows an exclusive “4i model” which helps customers to realize the true potential of their valuable data. The first “i” symbolizes “Information”. The company can process data in any form, from anywhere, using data engineering and make it presentable. Once data is processed, the second “i” comes into picture and introduces mathematics & technology to it to extract meaningful “Insights”. These insights may need interdisciplinary inclusion along with behavioral sciences by familiarizing them to domains & processes resulting in “Impact”, the third “i”. Finally, the fourth “i” represents adding of design thinking and leveraging organizational overhaul to cause “Innovation”.
By 2015, 1 trillion devices on the planet shall generate 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every day. Busigence Technologies, the brainchild of Pranav Verma, is among the very few companies which understand that information can be an organization’s biggest asset and that the value of information lies in the using of it, smartly. Pranav, an IIT graduate, along with his co-founder, Prashant, an NSIT alumnus, was driven by a simple thought ‘information is not knowledge’ while establishing Busigence.
Busigence envisions working on at least 1 percent of the world's information by 2020. Pranav states the world is further moving towards latest technologies like real-time big data, cognitive sciences, cloud computing, data discovery, and internet of things and how Busigence has already placed their best efforts to imbibe these competencies in the organization.