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DataMetica: Revving Up Enterprise Business Processes by Injecting Actionable Insights


When Bombay Stock Exchange (the seventh largest stock exchange in the world, in terms of market capitalization) wanted to ramp up its operations, the company faced major challenges. Paramount among them was an inability to manage exponential data growth and carry out complex analytics, and an information layer that was scattered across multiple systems. This compelled BSE to look for a solution that could turn the company into a data-driven enterprise with the ability to analyze and act on information in real time. The aim was not just a scalable solution but a cost-effective one as well, particularly because with the existing set-up BSE was enduring spiraling expenses on upgrades and maintenance. The new solution would have to consolidate information from multiple data sources into a robust data repository via an automated process. BSE’s search ended with a Big Data Platform provided by Pune-based DataMetica. With a successful history of similar large scale installations, DataMetica demonstrated a winning POC (Proof of Concept) that fully convinced the decision makers at BSE that this was the solution they wanted.

DataMetica drew up an implementation plan and delivered the solution in phases ensuring a smooth transition to the new data platform. Post-installation, BSE experienced a marked improvement in performance. The open source (Hadoop) technology implemented by DataMetica provided BSE with a huge, scalable platform coupled with big cost savings. This and DataMetica’s track record of successful implementations can be attributed to the company’s expertise in Big Data services and the Hadoop environment. Founded by NoSQL and Hadoop experts - Dr. Phil Shelley and Rajiv Gupta, DataMetica has successfully implemented Big Data solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.

DataMetica works with clients on their data architecture through the cycle of concept, production and support, helping them gain actionable insights and transforming their data architecture into tangible business value. The company is proud of its skilled people wealth, all of who have practical production experience in the Big Data space. In a time when most Big Data market players are experimenting on these new technologies, DataMetica has the distinction of leveraging its experience in running, building and operating Hadoop to move workloads from legacy systems to the new platform. “There are a lot of subtle differences between understanding basic technology to actually being able to run and operate new systems in a reliable production schedule for a company. That is what we bring - we integrate Hadoop into a productive environment,” says Dr. Phil Shelley.

DataMetica follows a three step approach to tackle the data challenges faced by organizations.Firstly, the company brings forth a POC to demonstrate how a Big Data solution can work for the client. Secondly, they work with clients to identify the most relevant use-cases with a strong focus on their ROI.Finally, they build a comprehensive road map in multiple phases for successful Hadoop implementation. DataMetica thus helps organizations improve productivity and scale rapidly by maximizing their data efficiencies and minimizing their costs. DataMetica, with its extraordinary credentials, operates with the aim of establishing itself as the distinguished Big Data and analytics company who reliably deliver results. It is committed to providing cost effective solutions that help enterprises improve the speed of their performance.