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GrayMatter: Striving to Make Big Data Simple, Structured and Scalable!


Although the big data market is poised to reach close to $19 billion by end of 2014, the growth of skilled personnel and the growth of technology do not quite match up in today’s scenario. Coupled with enterprises not setting clear goals and with no definite business models, the big data phenomenon proves to be a major hurdle for today’s CIOs and enterprises. GrayMatter Software Services, headquartered in Bangalore, India with global offices in US, Europe, Asia & the Middle-east, provide solutions in big data and business intelligence by following a three pronged principle of keeping the big data solution framework simple, structured and scalable. They recently opened a global R & D centre in Helsinki, Finland the world innovation hub to augment their analytics product enhancement efforts.

Having started operations in 2006, GrayMatter, currently led by Founder & CEO Vikas Gupta, prides in being one of the early entrants into the BI and analytics arena with over 150 analytics project implementations across the globe till date.

“We were one of the first global partners of Pentaho, who envisioned the big data impact five years back and Pentaho BI platform is compatible with the typical Big Data frameworks of today,” says Suresh Narayanappa, Principal Architect & Director US Operations. Having started as an open source technologies adopter, GrayMatter believes, it is ideally placed today to take the advantages of Big Data to organizations worldwide. ‘We cut through all the hype around Big Data and focus only on the use case along with client business vision, which enables client understanding of long-term benefits” added Narayanappa.

Apart from the experience in Pentaho, SAP HANA, Oracle and analytics, GrayMatter works towards demystifying the Big Data platform along with partners like NASSCOM. Right from consulting for large companies to engaging with Government agencies where Big Data and open source technologies are quite popular, the company has assisted several Government projects in India and across the world using open source frameworks.

The Solution Suite
The GrayMatter team has built a range of solutions targeting unique requirements. Case in example is the governmental UIAD project which caters to 100 million transactions per day and covers more than 1.3 billion individuals. The company provides customized solutions ranging from Airport to Insurance Analytics to Manufacturing and Retail analytics.

The company boasts of an implementation cycle lasting as short as 4-6 weeks. While many organizations complain that work stalls during the implementation period, GrayMatter ensures minimal intervention from enterprise IT team, allowing the client to focus on their core functions without any implementation related disruptions.

By ensuring enterprise key business resources are not blocked and with specific minor tweaks for customization delivered as per business needs, GrayMatter today continues to provide its clients with good cost savings in terms of hardware/software deployed, resource utilization & time to market and ultimately, successful results and Enterprise ROI that is visible within 3-4 months of deployment.