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Hisabing Siam: Providing a Hassle Free invoice Generation and Quotation Management Platform


Invoices and quotation management have become a primary and critical function for all businesses. Accurate invoicing systems help enterprises to eventually convert customer’s data into revenue through frequent reminders. A late invoice system on the other hand many be queried frequently and could be rejected that gives rise to poor customer relations. Chennai based Hisabing eases the task of quotation management and invoice generation through their SaaS Hisabing platform. This software creates and sends professional quotations of clients to their customer within the system that ultimately let clients to focus on business. “Hisabing is an easy to use invoicing system. It makes you look good when sending out quotes and helps you manage them when you need it,” says Khuzema Siam, CEO and founder of Hisabing.
This platform searches, edit, retrieves and revise quotes from a single location at a click of a button by ensuring confidentiality of data. Hisabing’s Auto Payment Reminder System insinuates clients through mails and SMS along with every invoice copy. The mails and SMS clearly specifies the payment due data along with other information to customer which guide enterprises to enhance revenue and save time in following up with customers for payment related queries.
This ensures to track the payment records on time through Hisabing’s proprietary dashboard that answers queries of quotes, tax records, accounts, historical information, previous transactions, customer information and other statistics on a frequent basis. The data retrieved through Hisabing’s invoice platform is utilized by clients to make further decisions and target potential customers.
Hisabing is a growing example of how information from various sources within the company can be used for taking informed decisions. Organizations get apprehensive when it comes to implementing softwares like SAP and salesforce to create Quote PDFs within the Quote objects. These softwares typically have many restrictions on storage of data and information and when low storage limit is reached, companies are faced with the challenge of multiple upgrades or exorbitant storage fees. It is no surprise to see when companies whinge about lack of efficient workflows, as there exist a lot of concentration of information and responsibilities allocated to one single person. With such conundrum owing to information surge, SMEs fail to focus on strategizing and business development. However, Hisabing with its SaaS based microERP product not only enables companies to take informed decisions but also dissevers information to increase information availability so that tasks can be passed on efficiently and the business owner can focus on strategizing / business development. “We work closely with small businesses, understand the issues that they have and work a robust solution for them’ adds Khuzema Siam. What differentiates Hisabing’s solution from its peers is its plain sailing usage and intuitive design. All of its features are incorporated only after hours of consultation with hundreds of SMEs. “We don’t want to overcrowd the application with features / modules that most users don’t use”, quotes Khuzema Siam. The flexibility of accessing its solution from anywhere and anytime has successfully enticed many organizations operating on a small scale.
With a vision to become ubiquitous to a whole business process, Hisabing is committed to build simple solution that works as required. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company wants to complete its solution set by offering a complete suite of services like purchase entry, purchase order, vendor management, customer management.