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Indus Net Technologies: Incessantly Rising Apace with Today's Fast-Paced World


Rupert Murdoch once said, "The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow". It is particularly true in the fast and furious digital world that keeps changing its face quicker than one can say 'digital'. Having served 10K + customers across 40+ countries with lightning fast services is Indus Net Technologies, an integrated digital solution company with two major service offerings-digital technologies (cloud apps, mobile apps, social apps, lead management systems, customer relationship systems, and others) and digital marketing services (social media, media buying, search marketing, media creation-video, graphics, and more, and website design/development). The Kolkata-based company is renowned for surpassing customers' expectations by catering creative ideas dipped in up-to-the-second technologies. And their awards speak for them. The company was rated as a number one IT SME by Dun & Bradstreet in India in 2008. It won the ET Bengal Corporate Awards in 2013, and Deloitte Technology Fast Asia Pacific for two consecutive years 2010 and 2011.

Indus Net was founded by Abhishek Rungta, a smart techie who put on the entrepreneur suit in his teens and ran the business as hobby for three years until 2000. Determined to build a career in the field, Abhishek left the company in the good hands of his sister who provided the daytime support in India while he managed the company at night from UK where he was doing his master's in multimedia. He trademarked the term 'dedicated hiring' where Indus Net operates as a talent cloud or agency of agencies by giving an extended arm that enables clients to access the extended delivery center in the cloud and obtain a team of developers, designers, SEO, and more. Pioneering a proper professional corporate setup in the digital industry, Indus Net transitioned from a hosting company that was started with Rs.1,500 to an agency that stands tall with current revenue of Rs.40 crores and expecting this year's projection to cross Rs.60 crores.

Indus Net's in-house products addressing key needs across various industries endow them with complete control; thereby enabling rapid growth. Having perfected 10K+ projects with 16 years experience, their Indus Net Labs for Product Development and R&D has developed state-of-the-art products namely Socialfire, In-Sales, InFluxERP and Campaigndog. When it comes to digital technology and marketing, the service company that proceeds with consulting led approach, not only piques interest in technology but also in the business part including complete implementation.

Indus Net has hundreds of sworn testimonials for their impeccable services including the development of intranets & extranets, Facebook & mobile applications, e-Commerce platforms, content management systems along with field data aggregation & real time reporting, quality assurance and inimitable CRM implementation that ensures CRM driven Salesforce among others. The company has over a decade of experience in developing, maintaining and running BFSI core systems with integrated layers of e-Commerce, BPM and mobility. Their integrated digital marketing services including designing visually appealing and technically perfect web & corporate identity designing, SEO, SEM, SMM and Media buying are tailored to the needs of customers and exceed their expectations without fail.

Indus Net's policy 'Profitability and ROI cannot be compromised' has bestowed them not with shoppers but long term customer relationships. While they work with high end clients in India akin to United India Insurance, SREI and Government of India, they have bagged topnotch clients across the globe including FORCES Financial, Ageas, FOX NETWORKS and Statoil across various industries including BSFI, retail, media & entertainment, telecom, travel, e-Governance, Software service companies and digital agencies among others.

Indus Net’s innovative solutions, embracing technology forces - cloud, mobile and social,enables them to clutch to their mission of helping businesses to save smarter, serve better and grow faster leveraging internet.The ISO 27001 certified company assures their clients by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to protect their data with firewalls and UTM devices to protect online threats. When India drowned into darkness during the power blackout in July 2012, Indus Net worked efficiently with their distributed workforce and disaster recovery centers in Chennai & Delhi. "Since quality is the heart of our company, in addition to our ISO 9001 certified quality process framework, our fully equipped Mobility QA Lab and independent audit team ensures process and quality adherence," says Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies.

To walk the talk of quality assurance, Indus Net trains their employees in their own academy called Indus Net Academy. While the institute provides the company with trained resources, Indus Net also edify their employees with peer-to-peer mentoring, since the traditional form of training doesn't work in their fast-paced field. They retain their well-trained 550 plus experts via benefits akin to project incentives & bonuses. As talents executing high end work move to metros like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai due to scarcity of technology companies in Kolkata, attracting the best talent is a challenge to the company like most IT companies which are up the value chain. Though Indus Net is the first choice of such fantastic talents moving back to Kolkata, they decided to further extend their offices in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Those marketing and satellite offices will be gradually converted into delivery offices. The company also has offices in UK and U.S. along with their key markets including Europe, Australia and Singapore. For the coming financial year, the company plans to grow over 50 percent and extend its offerings to the needy organizations.

The company also empowers small businesses and start-ups via Indus Net Express program. Apart from being designated as the Founder & CEO of Indus Net Technologies, as a Co-Founder & Chief Gardener of Seeders Venture Capital Private Limited, Abhishek helps young entrepreneurs to succeed not only with angel funding but also with connections, ideas and knowledge gained from his extensive experience.