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Inteliment: Bigdata Refinery to Visual Business


With the advent of mobility devices and the increasingly growing need to stay connected in fast life, big data is growing bigger and bigger every day. From companies to consumers, people have all sorts of ‘New Data’ and ‘New Uses’ from multiple sources:- Social/Telecom Networks, Sensors, Blogs, Chat-rooms, Product Review Sites, Communities, Emails, Documents, Images, Videos, Music etc.

The real challenge of the big data is to unite and process the diverse data, connect the dots, and glean new insights. The need of the hour is pre-built solutions, cloud/mobility enabled architecture, advance analytics for rapid implementation and assured return on investment.

Organizations need to ask the question “What type of data do we actually need?” “How do we capture it?” And “how do we maintain that data set as it changes?”

Today’s CIOs are looking for business specific bigdata frameworks that can offer easy to use tools, scalable architectures, built-in scientific techniques, and agile teams from their bigdata analytics providers/partners.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Pune Inteliment has emerged as one of the prominent players in Bigdata Analytics space by building disruptive analytical solutions and services to its more than 60+ Fortune clients across Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Financial Services and various other domains.

Led by Prashant Pansare, Managing Director, Inteliment has been on the path of synchronized value co-creation, integrating scientific approach with creative visualizations in building knowledge blocks to empower organizations and people with a new value from diverse data.

Inteliment has developed a comprehensive Data Science Framework: NavigatorTM that enables companies to Acquire, Analyze & Act on diverse data generated and/or processed by any devices, machines, networks or applications. NavigatorTM offers out-of-box components, pre-built connectors and accelerators, industry/process specific data models and advance visualizations. While unveiling the newly launched offering, Prashant Pansare mentioned “While data is the starting place, it’s really about analysis and then using visually interactive techniques, what we call as 'Data Refinery to Visual Business'.

Inteliment also endeavors to engage with clients in a wide cross-section of initiatives including assessment, Platform & Product Engineering Services. “At Inteliment, we are constantly developing new ways to enhance our breakthrough and reliable solutions. We take pride in our ability to take up challenges and explore new possibilities to provide deeper commitment and a superior experience to our customers”, says Prashant Pansare.

Inteliment’s strategic business direction is to evolve Navigator framework into a Cloud & Mobility enabled ‘Data Science and Analytics Platform’ to offer a compelling value to its focus industry segments and gleam at the pinnacle.