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Jigsaw Academy: Practical Big data Training for a Practical World


Although the Big data phenomenon continues to rise, there is a huge dearth of data scientists to counter its growth. This ultimately leads to the industry reeling under a huge requirement gap. Jigsaw Academy, headquartered in Bangalore, Tries to bridge this gap by providing training in Big Data analytics that covers the entire spectrum of data sciences.

By closely monitoring the state of the art online platforms and techniques, the company constantly strives to update its curriculum to provide the best of breed training services to its clients. “We have our ears close to the ground. We do some Consulting, where companies ask us for consulting expertise in setting up and delivering Big Data projects, reading and content development activities. This helps us keep abreast of what skills are needed,” says Sarita Digumarti, COO of Jigsaw Academy.

Usually Enterprises tend to overlook the fact that right hiring needs to be supplemented with precise training courses. Given the paucity of talent in specialized fields like big data and analytics, it is a tough task for companies to find resources with all the check boxes ticked. Hence data science training has become more of a necessity today. Jigsaw counters these requirements by training individuals and imparting a mix of skills that includes programming, statistical knowledge and business fundamentals.

The dearth of data scientists is still a big problem today with software frameworks taking years to master, However, Jigsaw categorizes different roles requiring different levels of expertise and skills in any domain or tool, and focuses on a case study methodology using real life business datasets to solve real life business problems. “Our training methodology actually ensures that participants that successfully complete the program are comparable to professionals with work experience,” adds Sarita.

Apart from its training methods, the company believes that its biggest differentiator is the staunch focus on quality of content, quality of instructors, and the quality of the hands-on virtual lab. Jigsaw takes pride in its belief to training people on how tools and technologies are used in real life scenarios.

Moving forward, the Jigsaw team plans to continue focusing on generating content and training material related to data mining and analytics across multiple tools, technologies and domains, ensuring a focus on real life application and high quality of content and delivery methodologies.