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Lex Protector: Enabling Enterprises with Various Intellectual Property Services


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and related conflicts are no longer confined to a Nation’s geographical limitations. Since the stakes involved are pretty huge, it’s almost impossible for an enterprise to ignore them from a business point of view. The surge witnessed in the popularity of IPR has made it both more valuable and vulnerable at the same time from all verticals. In regards to technology, there has been an unprecedented growth in notorious activities like digital piracy, analog/digital conversion, illicit file sharing and manufacturing of counterfeit gadgets that have surged concerns pertaining to distribution of unauthorized products to consumers.
By optimizing its diversified skills, Bhubaneswar based Lex Protector International Law Firm guides enterprises and individuals to avoid getting entangled in IPR and trademark issues through its wide range of services. Lex Protector for startups, Prior Art Search analysis, Patent drafting, Patent filing, DMCA Takedown Notices, trademark search and trademark registration services are some of its IP related services that are being offered currently. Majority of the associates in Lex Protector are registered as advocates under the India’s Advocate Act, 1961 with specialization in Intellectual Property Law from reputed Law Universities. Its service model has been established keeping in mind the best interests of start-ups and individuals that are deprived of cost-effective IP services almost everywhere in the world. “Most of the Law firms model their services in order to target big firms in the anticipation of fat revenues. Our diversified service portfolio serves SMEs and Start-ups to become big players in the long run,” explains Aurobinda Panda, Founder and CEO of Lex Protector. Since its inception in year 2012, Lex Protector has successfully taken down around thousand copyright infringing contents through its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Services.

Paving the Way for Startups
Firms operating through an unregistered trademark usually risk losing their goodwill to a registered trademark owner for a similar mark. Numerous such scenarios can be avoided if a firm is vigilant about its intangible assets in its preliminary stage while it’s still a start-up. To cope with the lack of awareness about Intellectual Property Rights is the biggest challenge for enterprises. Many newly established enterprises abstain from conducting a trademark search or from conducting a prior art search before selecting a business name or before commencing research on an invention, respectively. As lack of regulatory know how often creates hurdles for enterprises functioning in their initial phase, Lex Protector helps clients through its Lex start-up service, an offering exclusively for start-ups in order to boost them during incorporation. This service ensures that a start-up’s initial finances are not drained in unwarranted litigation expenses. “Lex Start-up service eventually helps Lex Protector to maintain a long term relationship with clients that ultimately benefits both the start-up as well as our firm. This also encourages us to procure a good competitive advantage over others,” adds Aurobinda. In addition to Lex Start-up service, the company also offers Business Name Availability service that allow clients to opt desired business name without infringing anyone else’s rights in his/her trademark. This ultimately benefit clients to gain a competitive edge over other competitors who fail to make such assessments.

Fighting Plagiarism
A Takedown Notice under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is utilized to tackle copyrights violation on digital platforms. A DMCA Takedown usually occurs when an infringing content is removed from a website at the request of the original author or the owner of the copyrighted content. Lex Protector offers its clients to opt between ‘Do it yourself’ and’ Expert Assistance’ services to tackle the situation. “However we remain in touch with our clients and constantly update them regarding the progress of the work that makes our service even more effective,” says Siddharth Mathur, a senior associate of the firm.

Making Patents a Reality for Companies
The Lex Protector Team specializes in performing Prior Art Search analysis to figure out similar inventions that are already existing in the public domain. On the basis of search analysis, a legal opinion is given to the client highlighting the chances of Patent application getting through with the registration process. Clients are later asked to proceed with the Patent Application form that includes filing of a provisional and a non-provisional specification before the competent authority. Patent drafting services also involves understanding the technical aspects of client’s products. “Moreover due to our widespread expertise, our clients have the option of registering their patent all over the world without seeking assistance of attorneys in the target nations,” adds Aurobinda. Lex Protector aims to provide services across various geographical locations in the Intellectual Property Rights domain. “IP is a dynamic field and we cannot afford to let go of our established base. The experience earned so far has made us even more confident with the passage of time,” ends Aurobinda.