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LinkSmart Technologies: Establishing Pervasive Technology for Physical Asset Security & tracking


Known security labelling technologies are at best protected against outsider threats and can be easily manipulated by insiders. In majority of the cases, either security label authentication is based on human assessment, leading to lack of accountability or needs special purpose accessories for machine verifications. Further there is no single point technology addressing both problems like tamper-evidence and counterfeit in one single package along with in-built credible asset tracking.
During LabelExpo2014, a global event, there were discussions about colour change labels to detect label-cut for cartons, however even for outsiders, all it takes a few seconds to liquidate the whole security. Same is true for VOID tamper-evident labels. LinkSmart Technologies, initiated in 2010, brings in a unique technology for security and tracking for physical asset. LinkSmart’s solutions for tampering, counterfeiting really mitigates insider threat.
“Enterprises are in need of technologies which can safeguard them from brand duplication, tampering in logistics, credible track and trace systems. Similarly for documents duplication, known technologies are either special paper, special ink, special print, Holograms or RF tags and all these put together fails in mitigating insider threat. Similarly there is lot of scope for secured management of title deeds in home loan segment. Our smartDNA™ is a single point technology, which cost effective solution with precise and automated verification of asset even including in-field forensic verification”, says Ashish Anand, Co founder, while talking about smartDNA- a pioneering product from LinkSmart Technologies. Additional to the value added services, smart DNA is legally admissible evidence and end-to-end solution is in form of cloud hosted security-as-service.

Scan verification of smartDNA using bare smartphone, mitigates concealed loss and even insider threat. Labels are provided with forensic verification, which can be either verified by quick human verification typically in B2C and also instant in-line verification in B2B by without needing expert personnel, device or lab. These scanners enable remote monitoring for assets tagged with scanning location and time on a cloud based portal. Not requiring special purpose device, package of counterfeit & tamper-evidence both, no false positives, built-in automated forensic verification, highest good read rate & scanning speed, with no theoretical limitation on tag size and all these being cost-effective is something very distinctive.
In context of smartDNA™, even identical labels auto-acquire per-piece unique credential only upon application on asset and instantly becomes ready-for-scan. Credential is auto-lost on removal and auto-change on reuse. Labels cannot be scanned in isolation unlike BARcode/QRcodes/RF tags this ensures that asset is being scanned and not just duplicated version of label and hence track-trace based on smartDNA™ scan is indeed credible. There is huge number of unique combinations in millions in passive labels. Because of these features, smartDNA™ is able to mitigate insider threat more effectively.
Another interest area of Linksmart is reusable security packaging. Reusability is anytime better than Recyclability. Single use tamper-evident envelopes are really overloading our eco system and those are not very secure as well. Reusable packaging are duplication-evident and trackable in addition to being tamper-evident. In near term, it is highly relevant for high value asset storage intensive industry and future it should be possible to use in logistics. Currently with growth of e-commerce everyday lot of plastic is being dumped in name of tamper-evident shipping.