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LogicMatter: Providing the best of Cloud and Big Data to accelerate analytics


It is a well-known fact that today, Cloud BI and big data analytics have moved beyond the scope of operations for a normal enterprise IT team. Both these terms have become a necessity today for IT to understand and leverage data. Any typical end-to-end analytics depends on a diverse set of external and internal data sources, data integration components, operational data stores (ODS), analytical data store (ADS), etc.; the success of a good analytics solution rests on a combination of good processes, skilled individuals and modern platforms that meet the growing needs of the business.

Realizing the intricacies involved in data processing for Cloud BI and big data analytics the Seattle startup LogicMatter Inc, launched cloud intelligence services to help companies gather, manage, and leverage data to drive business performance.

The company, led by co-founders CEO, Rajan Krishnamurty and CTO, Kiran Hegde, finds its strength in speed to insights by bringing its common integration and automation framework (PointMatter); as well as its agile devOps approach for analytics (VISPER process). This gives the team the ability to quickly collect data from different sources into the operational and analytical data stores thus accelerating insight analysis.

Leveraging successful deployments in diverse set of client bases spanning US, Europe and Asia for the past three years has enabled the organization to contribute assets in all three aspects (people, process and platform)in its engagements with enterprise IT/strategic consultants. Additionally, the team has designed its agile devOps approach for analytics to provide transparency and flexibility of change management. “Our teams bring in software engineering rigor into Cloud BI and big data analytics projects,” points out Kiran.

Enabling Clients to Harness Timely Value
LogicMatter offers both the PointMatter ODS & ADS framework and devOps for analytics approach to projects in a single monthly subscription model. Although its framework is cloud agnostic, the team goes the extra mile to provide support for hosting on Amazon AWS, Windows Azure and Rackspace. “We also have solid experience building custom visualization using D3 and SVG frameworks, besides enabling spreadsheet based pivoting and ad-hoc analysis capability.”, says Kiran.

Moving forward, LogicMatterplans to take its services and framework to the next level by integrating R based library to support predictive analysis as well as interface with Apache Mahout into its big data framework.

We plan to continue building PointMatter framework and improving our VISPER process to help our clients harness value from their data in a timely and rapid way”, points out Kiran.

Having built the company as a cloud intelligence service provider, LogicMatter plans to leverage its strengths in analytics and a wide array of BI capabilities to show SMEs as to why it is the ideal cloud based outsourcing partner. The company is currently working on targeting clickstream analytics, business analytics and education analytics creating more success stories for clients along the way.