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LogikAvenue: Carving a Niche in Customized Data Visualization Frameworks


Although big data has moved on from being a buzzword to being an integral part of every organizations business plans today, there is a considerable dearth in qualified big data providers, especially in fields such as D3, NodeJS and MongoDB. LogikAvenue, an outsourced product development provider headquartered in Bangalore, has carved a niche in D3, NodeJS and MongoDB frameworks, thus helping organizations in better visualization of data while security remains uncompromised. The company takes pride in its focused approach to data prioritization based on its relevance, thus efficiently eliminating redundant data. Headed by CEO, Ajith Balakumar, LogikAvenue today offers a solid Information infrastructure that can be optimized to provide better availability of specific data. “We keenly look at the facts and ensure that the quality of data is not compromised and the whole process is secured as the realization of that data is of prime importance to the client,” says Ajith.

A systematic approach in identifying data, collecting and processing it is needed as it helps save time, wastage and loss in revenue. Initially enterprises were reactive, i.e. the root causes were searched for by manually collecting data and analyzing it; LogikAvenue successfully designs real time dash boards and brings in various angles in just a click of a mouse addressing this need. The strategy adopted by LogikAvenue is capitalizing on open source solutions and clubbing Hadoop, MongoDB and Nodejs to deliver cost effective state of the art solutions to enterprises.

Making a mark with a strong IT Security background, LogikAvenue has developed its own IT Security Baseline Implementation Tool called Base[Fix] that protects the network by scanning against a Security Baseline and provides reports against the same. Its design approach is to help the users to notch up their immunity to threats and attacks. As an organization developing multi-tenant applications, they adhere to the industry’s best practices and this makes the company a winner amongst the crowd. “We understand the business requirements and pick the right tools to deliver quick and accurate analytics with a team expertise in statistics, Data Analytics and Programming,” says Ajith. Unmatchable experience in the IT security product development ensures data security with LogikAvenue which further serves as an icing on the cake for the clients.

The future plan of LogikAvenue is to focus more on R&D in the internet of things domain. It is also building a platform based on NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB and D3 so as to enable clients to visualize data efficiently and cost effectively. Currently these web application framework based analytics companies are rare in global market. With LogikAvenue’s excellence in these domains, the company is vigorously moving ahead and aims to become one of the top innovative technology companies in the world.