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Mystifly: Revolutionizing Airfare Aggregation, Consolidation and Fulfilment Globally


While automation through technology has contributed immensely to the travel industry, there is still a high degree of manual pricing dependency that ensures airfares are sourced at the lowest price possible. Manually sourcing airfare deals from different providers including GDSs can become a costly and time consuming affair for travel managers and hence error prone as well. Hence travel companies need revolutionary technology that can help them save time, reduce cost, simplify procurement processes, and consolidate airfares from different sources at one point besides providing multi-functional options.

Fitting the bill is a ground-breaking travel technology called MyFareBox currently in its version 5G, provided by travel technology innovators Mystifly Consulting (India) Pvt Ltd. MyFareBox 5G is an anywhere-to-anywhere airfare aggregation, consolidation and fulfilment platform offering bookable and ticket-able airfare content from more than 900 airlines across over 70 countries. MyFareBox 5G increases profitability, reduces transaction costs, simplifies procurement processes and improves customer service, providing an opportunity for air travel companies to transform their business across geographies. This global travel technology solution has been honoured by Microsoft through “Code for Honor” for Microsoft's Solution Excellence Awards 2014. The award is specially designed to recognize and reward companies building outstanding software solutions. Mystifly has also been named as Dream Company to Work For (Travel Technology) 2015 by 23rd World HRD Congress. The company has also achieved Best Global Travel Consolidation Services award consecutively in 2014 and 2015 by India Travel Awards, and it is today the most preferred airfare consolidator services company globally.

Airfare consolidation is offering under a single platform various airfare content such as consolidator/private fares, public & market specific local airfares across fare variants including marine fares, student fares, labour fares, military fares and other fare types from multi-GDS (Global Distribution System) and multi Point-of-Sale Pseudo City Codes (PCCs).

Avant-garde travel technology
In the current market scenario, most airfare consolidation services providers either cover limited geographies or have access to only a few GDSs or are handicapped by the incapability to transact in multiple currencies. Hence, travel organisations need to search different GDSs, airlines individually and compare them manually to find lowest airfares. In addition, they face currency hurdles and exchange costs while managing international travels. Also, as their customer business grows, managing the global spread locally becomes a nightmare for the travel companies.

With Mystifly, these issues are taken care of in an assured manner because of the large repertoire of consolidator fares of 900+ airlines from 70+ countries available on MyFareBox 5G, with the added advantage of transacting in local currency. This is precisely the reason why MyFareBox 5G is the preferred choice of over 6000 travel professionals in 55+ countries across the globe.

“Using the company’s airfare aggregation, consolidation and fulfilment platform – MyFareBox 5G, Travel Management Companies, Travel Organisations, Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents across the globe can have access to anywhere to anywhere best airfare deals on a single platform. MyFareBox platform is a sophisticated blend of GDS technologies facilitating local travel agencies to go global and service their customers irrespective of where they are based”, says Rajeev Kumar, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Mystifly.

Efficient Air Business Management
Mystifly’s trusted and reliable wholesaler network across the globe, allows travel agencies around the world to find the lowest airfares on a single platform. The platform enables the travel organisations to generate more revenue and offer commendable customer service without paying attention to instability in foreign currency or rate of exchange losses. The technology enables travel managers to expand, optimize, automate and efficiently manage their air travel business.

“The travel enterprises can have access to real-time accurate information of itinerary, booking confirmation, amendments and cancellations from anywhere in the world on MyFareBox”, quotes Rajeev. The platform also eliminates booking errors and enables on-time service delivery to the end customer. Also, by integrating with MyFareBox platform, the travel company's booking system can be optimised to control and manage quotations, ticketing status and bookings held on the platform. It also minimizes the time for searching, comparing and booking lowest airfares.

Mystifly Product Variants
MyFareBox 5G is a B2B platform for travel organisations. It presents advanced fare matrix, facilitating simplified & faster way of selecting airfares. It cuts down the time consuming process of manually searching for the airline details. Travel managers can source more comprehensive information on flights through simplified & detailed flight itinerary, speeding up the flight selection process. Global travel organisations can enhance their ticketing fulfilment experience through MyFareBox 5G.

MyFareBoxOnePoint Webservice is the perfect air inventory solution for travel companies with varying business models. To customers, OnePoint is a partner in airfare and pricing innovation. It helps them increase profitability, reduce transaction costs, simplify procurement processes and eventually improves customer service. Integration of OnePoint, powers travel application platforms to source lowest airfares from over 900 airlines across 70 countries.

The tailor made online solution MyFareBoxXclusive for travel companies planning to expand their business contours, presents the privilege to use Mystifly’s private label services. MyFareBoxXClusive is a white label solution that enables travel companies to manage their staff & MyFareBox registered sub-agents more efficiently through single platform.

The24/7 TravelDesk is an Approval & Self-booking Tool meant for TMCs to handle their corporate clientele. The tool enables employees to monitor recent activities related to in-process, approved and cancelled trips. They can search and book flights based on employee specific travel policy defined in their profile facilitated through workflow engine.

The Next Wave of Air Travel Business
Cloud-based technology marks the next wave of air travel business. With greater adoption of smartphones and tablets, greater efficiencies through cloud-based technologies can be realized at a lower cost. As Mystifly’s services are available on cloud, travel companies have more flexibility to scale their businesses at lower costs and can focus on enriching user experience enabling easy access to global airfare content without the hardware constraint.

Global travel enterprises across 55+ countries, increase profitability, reduce transaction costs, simplify procurement processes and improve customer service by using Mystifly’s multi-functional advanced technology enabled products that are transforming the air travel businesses across geographies. The company plans to further expand its global reach to become the most preferred global travel consolidation services company that offers the best airfares originating from anywhere to anywhere in the world.