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Nanobi Analytics: Accelerate Data Driven Decisions with Cloud Analytics


In today’s data rich world, organizations are sprinting towards coping with ever expanding boundaries of data. The challenge is to understand the hidden information in the context of their business and customer behavior. The emergence of the cloud infrastructure and related technologies, is enabling several organizations to derive deeper insights. However, the benefits of such are accessible only to a few. With a view to democratizing insights to a larger cross-section of personnel inside the company and also across industries, Nanobi Analytics, headquartered in Bangalore, has deployed a cloud inspired visual full-stack analytics platform (available both in cloud as well as in-house) with a novel approach towards how analytics can be built, deployed and used in an efficient manner. The innovative technology platform enables a large cross-section of organizations from SME’s to large enterprises, in deriving unique insights that helps them better manage their business and understand their customers.
Analytics software packages often come as prefabricated solutions and are not particularly difficult to implement; however they can be costly, and the ROI is not immediate. “Nanobi analytics bring affordable value to the customers, especially in the SME segment by providing pre-integrated readymade analytics apps specially crafted for their needs, on a subscription basis,” says Mahesh Ramakrishnan, CEO, Nanobi Analytics. The apps created are crafted for use in various areas such as Financial Performance Analysis, Sales and Distribution Analytics, CRM, Inventory, Operations Analytics with statistical predictive models, econometric models pre-integrated with a variety of applications used by the SMEs. Nanobi Analytics has launched the analyticstree™, which is a one-of-its-kind analytical apps store, wherein clients can subscribe to available pre-connected, prebuilt analytic apps on a pay-as-you-use model, which can be deployed by the company in less than an hour. This provides SME’s a quick start to their analytical journey with no investments on infrastructure or resources. The analyticstree™ offers a number of solutions that are domain and content rich addressing various analytical needs of the enterprise that span verticals across Finance, Logistics, Insurance, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Sales & Customer Analytics
LiquiData platform also enables a quick solution for complex industry like Insurance & Healthcare. Be it building an enterprise data warehouse or fraud analytics or actuarial analytics, the implementation cycle is only a few weeks compared to the convention ways that span very longtime, often a year or more. The predictive models are designed in such a way that even normal business users can build models at their own convenience. The platform takes care of various aspects of modeling to deliver more accurate predictions.

Data Analytics on the Cloud Wagon
Nanobi’s cloud business intelligence platform, liquiData is designed as an open platform using REST (Representation State Transfer) architecture and HTML5, which also provides published REST API interface. Simplicity and agility are the key design principles. Keeping this in consideration the platform enables organizations to start small, change rapidly and scale up with ease. It is simple to use, interactive and visual full-stack platform delivered as subscription software in the cloud or on-premises. Based on the REST architecture, with well-defined RESTful web services, the platform allows easy embeds and integration with other applications/services. Nanobi also provides a rich set of curated data for a variety of industries that provide several exceptional insights layered over an organizations data. The company thus provides data-driven competitive advantages for its customers in a variety of industry domains. The platform supports multiple modes for distribution of analytics, in a highly secure manner, via Web Browsers, Mobile devices (Android, Windows), email, SMS or embedded within the Organization’s core applications.

Expanding Analytics for CFOs
Financial performance analytics are no longer just a full-length report delivered periodically to investor and executives. As business environments fluctuate over granular time intervals, it becomes essential to feed financial data into the strategic inputs to optimize operations. Moreover, financial managers are expanding their roles from just being number-crunchers to becoming key risk and strategic management specialists that bring critical financial health information to assess the performance bottlenecks or expectations across the depth and breadth of a company’s profitability. Nanobi’s Financial Performance Analytics (FPA), directed to CFOs, CEOs and Senior management, delivers analytics by tracking the organization’s financial performance on a day-to-day basis. It provides deeper insight into business problems thus enabling an organization to maximize revenue and at the same time manage expenses. FPA enables enterprise level, feature rich analysis of financial data across various subject areas such as key financial performance indicators, balance sheet, revenues, expenses, cash flow, accounts payable/receivables and comparisons of budgets.
The Nanobi analytics platform is built to address the gaps in the need of Information management, across various industry domains today. “Setting up Nanobi analytics is as simple as Start, Connect and Experience. Thus, solutions offered will help clients to jump start analytics journey on the cloud or on premise in one go,” adds Mahesh.

Upcoming Endeavors
In terms of Product strategy, Nanobi analytics has a two pronged approach, one focuses on the analytical applications available on the analyticstree™and the second focusing on the liquiData platform that powers the analyticstree™.
Nanobi analytics intends to have analytical applications spanning industry verticals like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing (specific business use cases), Restaurants, Software Start-ups etc. At present, the team is engaged in building out next leap in the technology for intuitive analytics and is actively working with partners for developing analytical apps for above mentioned industry verticals.

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