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Praxis Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Addressing Complex Business Requirements with SAP Services


As the old saying goes “Success is easy to achieve but harder to maintain”, many companies, especially in the SME sector, are facing challenges with respect to maintaining visibility in operations, managing inventories, improving productivity, reducing costs and maintaining highest levels of customer relations. Going one step further, assigning accountability of material consumption, tracking of production activities and calculating variances are even more daunting challenges faced by these companies. Addressing these complex business requirements, Praxis Info Solutions Private Limited, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra assists its customers in their SAP journey. “We ensure that all of our customers are able to extract maximum from the SAP system with respect to feature functionalities, reporting, alerts etc., thus helping them run their operations with high efficiency levels and helping them make faster decisions that are based on relevant and accurate data & not on gut feelings”, says Dattatreya Kulkarni, one of the Founding Directors, Praxis Info Solutions Private Limited.

Lack of knowledge pertaining to the customer’s business process, failure of the customer’s top management in terms of driving projects, inadequate support to the SAP initiatives, inability to ensure infallibility in master data turnarounds, indefinite delays and cost overruns are few of the apparent flaws behind the failure of SAP projects. With proven expertise and accelerated implementation methodology,Praxis vests its major focus on ensuring high quality of project management with its SAP services. Taking on latest technology trends, Praxis provides full service when it comes to SAP Business One application, right from license sale, to implementation, support, upgrade & new add-on/report development. Along the same vein, SAP® Business One helps businesses to streamline all operations from sales, customer relationship management, inventory and financials to human resources.

Identified with unmatched experience in serving customers across various industry sectors and geographies, the company today boasts of having close to 40 customers across Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka within a short span of time. The Three Promoters of Praxis have close to 20+ years of experience each, in the SAP domain and have worked in large IT Companies in their past careers. Experience gained in these companies –whether it is in terms of project management or stakeholder expectation management or innovative ways of solution development makes a big difference not only while interacting with their customers’ top management but also ensuring that projects are executed successfully within agreed timelines and budget. “We understand that every company sets aside a budget for SAP projects. Once we have frozen the broad scope of the project, we propose a fixed fee of the implementation, which ensures that customers do not get any surprises during the project”, adds Dattatreya.

In addition to SAP, Praxis also offers complimenting solutions in the form of HRMS &Payroll, Business Intelligence or any other IT based solution that may be needed with changing times and business contexts. The company aspires to capture the APAC and European market and also become a SAP partner of choice to its customers and in view of their impeccable SAP services, Praxis certainly has all the essential ingredients to reach its goals. Dattatreya says, “By offering complete enterprise solution stack under one roof, we want to eliminate the integration hassles that customers typically face, of running around several service / solution providers in developing their solution footprint”. The company continues to increase its presence in the “cloud” market and envisages developing a strong customer base in the Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals Sectors in the near future.