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With technology penetrating almost all verticals, the prime objective lies in increasing efficiency and productivity of any system. Despite the known benefits of automation often enterprises are resistant to implementing them due to high infrastructure (hardware) costs involved in the same. Quytech, headquartered in Gurgaon, identified this bottleneck and today focuses on developing Enterprise Mobility Systems that could run on mobile hardware and on cloud seamlessly.
“We thought of making software that runs on low cost mobile hardware and also on cloud”says CEO, Ankur Mital. Quytech carries extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to consulting, or application development for smart phones. They believe in providing consistent results to their customers by providing with outstanding Enterprise Mobility solutions, which completely match specific business needs. They follow a consulting approach to provide the best solutions to problems and provide strategic guidance to their clients on their mobility road map through its dedicated skilled team with deep domain knowledge. The company’s flagship product PepUpSales, is an Enterprise Mobility Solution combining Sales Force Automation, Distribution management and primary/secondary sales tracking all variables within a single product.
The USP of PepUpSales is the level of in-built flexibility which can adapt to various industries and processes. PepUpSales helps in tracking the sales activities of sales personnel on field on a real time basis. The complete order management, sales, deliveries, dispatches, distribution and product performance can be tracked and managed on a real time basis. Schemes and discounts are automatically incorporated while the order is taken or a sale is performed. Sales person has the visibility of its productivity and performance. They can efficiently access and manage the information relating to their customer and the product. Real time retrieval and updating of information provides correct information at the right time as and when required. It removes the pen and paper work and allows companies to analyze and forecast sales on a timely and productive manner. It can be integrated with any existing ERP or CRM.
As the enterprise system involves working through cloud computing and also has multiple end users, it is susceptible to various security threats which poses a serious threat to any company.As this technology involves sensitive data security is an important concern. Quytech design their applications which are secured both at data storage locations and also during transit. Their solutions work in a close loop format, i.e. after placing an order, its availability, dispatch, distribution and other peripherals are tracked by the system. This makes their system extremely robust and can help filter out any junk information. As industries shift towards adopting enterprise solutions, there will be a surge of raw data which can be utilized to further enhance efficiency and help companies take more informed decisions. Big data analytics will become an important part of the system. This would make operations and sales and distribution more efficient and also help reduce costs.
The success of an enterprise system has always been result driven. As enterprise solutions are relatively new to the market, its adoption has been slow. The trust level of vendors on new technology or system in low due to failure of various enterprise systems, as a result businesses wait for peers to install the system to get a first-hand review of its usefulness. The industry needs to be more matured and made aware of enterprise systems and their functionalities.
Quytech has successfully delivered multiple Enterprise Mobility solutions across industry verticals and functions. The company has the potential of exploring emerging technologies to provide their clients the best quality of service. Their growth has been phenomenal and grew 200% last year. They have reached out to newer verticals and expanded their customer base to newer cities within the country and are now serving 12 different industry verticals. With the current growth, they are working on developing multiple variants based on the same technology to support various markets, hence increasing their customer base. In the near future they plan to enter the tier two and three cities to tap the SMB markets. They plan to expand into overseas market and expand their product/solutions portfolio and also align themselves to support both large and small enterprises. The market still being fairly nascent, Quytech has been moving in the right direction and with growing awareness they have huge markets to explore and grow and become a global provider of Enterprise Mobility Systems and other services. Judging by their past exploits in the space, Quytech looks poised to script more success stories in the future.