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August - 2014 Issue
Cover Story
The Indian IT Outsourcing market is growing today at a CAGR of more than ten percent. The surge in SMAC adoption among enterprises is enabling them to transform businesses at a rapid pace and investments in Social media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are reinforcing application outsourcing... more>>

Company of the Month

CIOs and IT managers today are deeply engaged, and often challenged, in the task of managing their data centers and leveraging performance. more>>

Startup of the month

Today, the ability to move and remain fully connected is the paramount concern in a corporate world. The employee must have a pervasive... more>>
With technology penetrating almost all verticals, the prime objective lies in increasing efficiency and productivity of any system. more>>

20 Most Promising Unified Communications Companies

Organizations both large and small are getting familiar with the power of UC and have widely adopted to streamline their business... more>>
Unified Communication Solutions have proven to be a boon to enterprises who want to gain the benefits of collaborative communications... more>>
In this digital era, as much as technology has fetched value into our lives, it unfortunately has brought ways by which security of... more>>
We read mails while dining in a restaurant, we participate in web conferences while working from home and we share videos online via team... more>>
There can be no doubt that the pace of technological developments and change within the communications world has accelerated in recent... more>>
Business can be at stake if there is no proper coordination between resource and infrastructure. more>>
Unified Communications and VoIP has an enormous scope in the near future. Enterprises in their pursuit to streamline communication and... more>>


The fast pace of business today requires that companies remain agile and respond to change quickly and effectively. more>>

CIO Insights

There is a lot of talk about how the technology trends facing pharmaceutical industries are transforming the market place and reshaping... more>>
The technology landscape has changed in the recent years and now is driven by customer adoption and consumer innovation. With the arrival... more>>
Value of being in Cloud is tremendous and in some or other form, many of us are already using it, for various technology and solutions at... more>>

Expert View: Fraud Management

Fraud is one of the fastest growing challenges being faced by businesses today. There are fraudsters who ‘bend the truth’ relating to... more>>

Expert View: IT Energy

Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, BYOD, Mobility are the trends changing the face of IT enterprises. Cloud is being delivered by IT industry as... more>>

Expert View: Supply Chain Management

Data is the new battleground. Some are calling it as the new oil. Companies focused on transforming themselves into data-driven... more>>

View Point

The growing need of staying available anywhere and anytime connected to the business networks has expanded the realm of emerging IT... more>>
Product innovation, strong technical support and cost efficient supply chain management have been the focus of the world’s largest... more>>
Many enterprise level companies, experienced rapid growth both organically and through acquisition in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s only... more>>


With the advent of the BYOD phenomenon and enterprise mobility in general, organizations can no longer neglect the importance of state of... more>>