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Qualitrix: Implementing Crowdsourced Testing and Market Acceptance for Enterprises


According to Capgemini’s Quality Report 2014 on Mobile Testing, 65 percent mobile app development companies consider lack of adequate tools, and 52 percent cite device fragmentation and lack of varied device availability as a reason for inability to test their apps. So a comprehensive mobile testing strategy that includes an optimized selection of target devices and network infrastructures, along with effective testing tools is priority of mobile app developers. Fulfilling the requisite with end-to-end testing services in real-world conditions is Qualitrix that introduces crowd innovation in different areas of assurance to aid enhancing overall product experience for the end users in a quick and cost effective manner.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Qualitrix is one of the fastest growing crowdsourced assurance firms that helps clients by testing their applications on multiple platforms and languages in real-world conditions and further engages target user groups to provide early market perspective on the app and associated business processes.

Initiated by a team of application testing industry experts, Qualitrix delivers through a unique combination of in-house test experts supported by a global testing community of professional testers, subject matter experts, brand user groups and technology specialists in 100+ countries, engaged on-demand. Qualitrix offers complete functional and non-functional assurance targeted to enhance the overall user experience of the apps.

360 Degree Assurance for Seamless User Experience
Today’s mobile users are increasingly critique of their app performance, resulting in increasing need of thorough testing before the app launch. To guarantee a seamless user experience, Qualitrix furnishes a crowdsourcing model that caters 360 degree analysis of an app – starting from assurance of app accuracy and robustness, to analyzing its consistency in real-world, and finally assessing its relevance and likeability in the target market. Ideal for Mobile, Web, Desktop Apps and Smart Devices, the model delivers predictable app quality and market acceptance, allowing the app owner to launch with 100 percent business confidence. Qualitrix delivers through an industry leading cloud-based crowdtesting platform, equipped with features that allow intelligent tester selection, test management and communication to ensure secure and accountable project delivery.

Owing to the multi-dimensional benefits of the model, Qualitrix caters to diverse client segments ranging from start-ups to large enterprises across industries. “We helped a large telecom operator by testing over 30 apps and services in both pre & post production stages on a monthly basis covering 12 languages and 30 cities. Compared to the traditional model, we were successful in cutting client’s expenditure by 40 percent while increasing coverage by 3 times.” states Mayank Mittal, CEO & MD. He further says, “We also help a lot of start-ups to gain professional testing services at an affordable price and predict market acceptance of their apps at an early stage.”

Intending to become the thought leaders in the application testing industry, Qualitrix plans to develop crowdtesting and market acceptance as a realistic concept for the enterprise world. Qualitrix aims at becoming a prominent global player in delivering crowdsourced assurance solutions in the near future.

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