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Quantiguous Solutions: Transforming the Banking Experience with Digital Banking Solutions


The next time you call your bank to inform about the incident of your ATM card being retained by the machine, you will not have to face the frustrating experience of informing the relationship manager the minute details of the unpleasant events which you have faced in the recent past. All you need is your mobile phone to speak to him because Glance- an Android App by Bombay based Quantiguous Solutions enables your bank to escalate the issues to its higher authorities and track all the recent events that must have occurred with you and concurrently can guide you in solving the challenges which you have faced. “The banks and its managers get the idea of who is calling and for what purpose with all the contact details of the concerned person flashing on their screen with Glance”, says Akhilesh Kataria, Founder & CEO at Quantiguous Solutions.
As banks are not fully equipped to manage conundrum of various services and solutions designated to address different needs of its customers the banking experience has retrograded over the last decade and turned into a parochial relationship. The current digital banking solutions are fragmented, unwieldy yet diverse and it gets difficult for banks to manage them on a single platform. starKit- a digital platform is being created by Quantiguous on the IBM Worklight & IBM Integration Bus. “With starKit banks can quickly deploy diverse applications securely and consistently. This translates into a superior experience for consumers while increasing the value of the digital channel for banks”, says Akhilesh.
In today’s competitive landscape, APIs have not only revolutionized the services the banks provide but also revolutionized the way the banks operate. The corporate sector has witnessed pains of managing payroll and HR operations. For an instance, a person from the HR department creates the payroll and sends the data to the accounts department within the same company and then after adequate evaluation of each employee’s pay scale, the accounts department creates a file including the details of each and every employees’ salary and emails the same to the concerned banks to generate take-home into respective accounts of the employees. This process is quite convoluted and tedious and API banking seems to be just the thing to help both organizations and the banks to sail across these challenges. Quantiguous Solutions leverages API banking as an initiative to enable customers to connect with their respective bank accounts culminating the need of human effort in terms of uploads downloads and extraction of bulk files. Explaining about its API banking services, Akhilesh states “With API banking platform you can go to the third party’s website and shortlist the list of things you want detailed information and also select the type of loan that interests you and then go ahead and click the final button on your screen. With your minimal effort, the selected bank gets to know about your requirements and calls you to acquire further knowledge on the same”.
The seeds of Quantiguous Solutions were sown in the year 2014 when Akhilesh Kataria and Ajay Rana came together. The duo comes encompassed with the expertise and backgrounds in a dynamic startup culture and financial software development environment. Kataria who had a background in retail and IT infrastructure for banks, brought in his experience to build next generation digital banking platform aimed to transform the internet and ATM banking experience. “Banking industry is transforming into next generation digital experience and we always knew the potential of growth in the finance as well banking sector”, adds Akhilesh. He gives credence to Quantiguous’s connections with the startup community for substantially delivering large projects in to smaller ones to ensure easy and short time of deployments. “We need not be a large enterprise to be able to deliver complex projects”, he further adds.
To grow successfully, the company has plans to invest on the best and brightest technology and hopes to woo the international market with its robust digital banking solutions in the near future. With huge propensity towards customers’ unique needs, Quantiguous has managed to receive immense accolades and recognitions from its existing client base through its services. The company looks forward to continued success as it plans to undertake the mobile banking initiatives to reinforce the future of digital banking.
Testimonials: Mr. Sanjay Sharma, CIO, RBL Bank, says “The team at Quantiguous, led by Akhilesh have been a delight to work with. With continuous delivery, automated tests, quick turn around incorporating all stakeholder feedback gives them an edge in an otherwise saturated enterprise product & services space."

Quantiguous designed & implemented the middleware integration & mobility platform for the bank. Multiple channels such as NUUP, SMS & Partner Banking are now deployed on this new service oriented architecture.

Mr. Anup Purohit, CIO, Yes Bank, took a leap of faith and engaged Akhilesh as a consultant while he was IT Head at RBL Bank. The engagement spanned reviewing the enterprise architecture, the selection & implementation of the middleware stack for the various digital initiatives, and building the an internal development team.

"Having Akhilesh on board during the product selection, design & implementation of the middleware & mobility stack was extremely valuable for me. His commitment & ability to go well beyond advisory, and into program management, and hands-on delivery was immensely useful. It'll be fair to say that he's a great partner to have in the digital transformation initiatives"