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SkillCube: Producing Cyber Security Experts of Tomorrow


The economy is witnessing a massive digital transformation across various sectors. While latest technologies & dynamic operations harmonize to deliver rapid & superior services, protection of the “information assets” becomes inevitable in this fast changing digital paradigm. And this generates a need of “specialized talent pool” that understands the cyber security domain & is equipped with knowledge & skill to deliver as per the requirement. Every company and organization that transmits and stores data is invariably fighting a global cyber security war. The biggest obstacle in this battle is the lack of qualified soldiers, i.e. trained cyber security professionals. According to industry experts, by the end of last year, a demand of 5 lakh cyber security professionals had risen in India, and the need is set to grow. Banking and the financial sector is said to be the sector with the highest demand for cyber security professionals. Without an army of experts, companies will need to “draft” all their personnel to protect their networks from nefarious forces. While the industry focuses on growth & employability, the academia mostly focuses on trend analysis of the hot jobs and cascades it to the students accordingly. Due to negligible awareness on the cyber security domain in India and its employability potential, the academia is unable to adopt the requisite subjects leading to minuscule interest of students in this domain. Gurgaon, headquartered SkillCube is concerned about the looming talent shortage and therefore, has sworn to become one of the pioneers in India focusing on Cyber Security Skill Development Solutions. Incepted in 2012, SkillCube has transcended in the successful years by rendering Talent Solutions, Content Solutions, Training Solutions, and Advisory Solutions to clients in India and abroad.

“We run skilling initiatives to create an employability platform for freshers, work with the universities in developing curriculum which are advanced & next generation, train the faculty members on how to deliver the curriculum effectively to the budding professionals and conduct bespoke training programmes on various process & technical topics for up skilling of industry professionals”, says Saurabh Agarwal, Founder & Managing Director, SkillCube. The company also assists human resources team of various security consulting firms to identify & on-board talent, help the security teams to spread the security culture through an assortment of digital tools, coach the leadership teams through simulation on business-security alignment and advise companies on security solutions.

Industry aligned Skill Development
SkillCube’s Industry Readiness Bootcamp primarily focuses on reducing the skill gap between the academia & industry. It is a pragmatic, fast tracked and intensive programme designed with a view to give a broad holistic understanding of the cyber security domain coupled with international certifications, specialized workshops, guest lectures by senior industry professionals, hands-on labs, soft skills training, interview preparation and placement assistance. The company follows a step-by-step methodology that includes- Recall, Learn, Engage, Focus and Assess. This methodology ensures that the individuals attain cyber security skills and are able to implement the learned concepts in the real world. Towards the end of the Industry Readiness Bootcamp, individuals are enabled to develop and utilize the latent skills acquired during the programme in practical environment and are bestowed with knowledge that help them prove to be valuable assets for public or private sector alike.

Continuous engagement with the cyber security providers allows SkillCube to envisage the current and upcoming business requirements in skilling the human resources. The company provides off-the-shelf and tailor made training programmes on various management standards and technical platforms which are in-turn delivered through different formats including instructor led, web based, computer based and mobile application based.

Simulations for Real-time learning
Simulations in the form of interactive workshops are another set of initiatives in which each participant involves in a role-based game. The action-based learning methodology in the gamification helps to utilize theoretical knowledge in a simulated world as the participants experience real life security challenges in a safe game-like environment. Workshop also confronts the participants on how working with unreliable information can dramatically harm the business operations of an enterprise. It aims to showcase the participants on how to drive cyber security in an organization and to make stakeholders understand the importance of security in daily operations. This simulation is run in an extremely engaging manner staggered across 3 rounds where each participant plays a role. Besides, while pursuing simulation sessions, employees gain cross-functional experience required for the industry professionals.

By continuously collaborating with Academia, Industry, Government, and Accreditation Partners, SkillCube intends to bridge the gap between academia and industry by creating industry-ready talent. With over 85,000 man-hour experience in this domain, SkillCube is all set and motivated to become the market leader in the Cyber Security Skill Development Sector.