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TemboData: Building Corporate Competency in Big Data Analytics


Most businesses today are not able to properly process big data because IT employees lack the relevant skills. This lack of skills creates inertia when it comes to driving value out of the data. TemboData, a training and consulting organization based in Bangalore, believes that education is a key factor in enabling companies to properly realize the potential of big data and is dedicated towards helping the workforce to develop necessary skills for big data analysis. With a team of professionals having over 20 years of experience in Business Intelligence and data analytics accompanied with global exposure, TemboData is a step ahead of its competitors by comprehending the specific requirements of its customers assiduously and customizing its courses accordingly.

“The burgeoning data from social media along with the stagnation of traditional BI and data warehousing segment encouraged us to venture into big data competency building and consulting space.” says Sirish M Simha, CEO, TemboData. “We concentrate on bridging the gap between potential to which big data can be leveraged and the dearth of expertise in this domain by building corporate competency.” adds Ashish Mirajkar, Vice President (Operations). TemboData has professionals with expertise in implementing Hadoop based solutions for small and medium scale industries. Building a product for the company is to make a team competent in big data technology. What sets TemboData apart from its competitors is its hands-on training which is highly customized. The team tries to understand the requirements of corporate professionals and visualize what they ultimately plan to deliver after the training. The course is then aligned with the corresponding specifications to achieve the desired result.

TemboData builds resources for various enterprises who are trying to adopt big data technology. The company sees huge opportunity in reskilling the skills and expertise of existing employees of organizations. It helps in reskilling their administrators by converting Linux or Windows administrators into Hadoop administrators and reshaping their BI and data warehousing experts into big data analysts. Providing corporate trainings takes TemboData closer to the challenges being faced by the industry with regards to the adoption of big data technology. The company brings up those issues while training the professionals to help them to relate to it and in turn helps TemboData in getting POCs and providing immediate solutions to problems of enterprises. During training the TemboData team shows examples of real time data analysis to the trainees on how to extract data and project data.

TemboData primarily caters to IT consulting companies, IT Shops of MNC’s and end users who want to implement big data solutions for themselves. It also provides advisory services to the consulting companies on how to approach their customers. Moving ahead TemboData plans to build big data lab service for the colleges so that the students get to know about big data before they graduate. It is looking to develop the labs for them and give training with an aim to nurture a big data culture in colleges and universities.