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The Time to Embrace Big Data is Now


Big Data has finally moved on from being that elusive technological entity to today slowly becoming a common part of enterprise business strategies. The hype and the mystery around big Data is slowly paving way towards better insights and profit margins. However many CIOs still find it difficult to come to terms as to how to convert big data into ‘actionable insights’. Through many of the conversations for this issue in putting together the 50 most promising Big Data companies, the tactics and methodologies used by these organizations were anything but disruptive.

The three V’s are most probably going to turn into the 5 or 6V’s of big data with Value and Veracity forming an equal and integral part by being added to Velocity, Volume and Variety. This issue also showcases the 3 S approach that I believe will form the basic framework of all future analytic implementations, i.e Simplicity, structurability and Scalability. Companies, even large players, having issues with analysis and prognosis because of data’s high complexity will adapt accordingly to these principles.

With much emphasis being placed on the technology enterprises will need to store and analyze the data deluge, there is a need to understand that there are many other pieces that together form the big puzzle.

Organizations should recast their decision-making culture so senior executives make more judgments based on clear data insights, rather than resorting to conjectures. They must recruit the in-demand data scientists who are trained to translate raw material into valuable assets. In addition, they should encourage governments to supply necessary regulatory systems and ICT infrastructures that will create a data-friendly environment.

To help enterprises overcome critical aspects of the data puzzle, this issue highlights companies that are planning not only on short term analytical benefits, but long term tactical advantages in lieu of the fact that the big data phenomenon will reach its peak in three to four years. So as enterprises are gearing up towards the same, we are sure this issue will have some part to play in your big data plans.

We have also highlighted the Journey of Norman Kutemperor and how Scientel’s NoSQL DB designs help companies decipher BigData better.

Do let us know what you think.

Vignesh Anantharaj
Managing Editor