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TransOrg Analytics: Predict and Influence Real Time Customer Behaviors


Many big data solution providers today offer broad business intelligence and technology platforms due to which enterprises are forced to compromise on flexibility and cost while gaining little advantage overall. However, TransOrg Solutions, headquartered in Gurgaon and headed by Naveen Jain as the CEO, builds its big data USP to address specific needs rather than offering a broad pre built solution. The fast, flexible, and affordable solutions & services provided by the company helps its clients realize both short-term tactical and long-term strategic value. The current market trend of Private Equity funds has identified ‘Big Data and Analytics’ as a focus sector. Following this, the company identifies ample availability of funds to further fuel the growth in analytics industry.

The analytics solutions provided by the organization works by assimilating structured, unstructured, social media and text data to create real time 360-degree customer’s view. They also develop their own productized services and frameworks which reduce the time for deployment of analytics drastically for clients. Analytics providers are growing at a fast pace and are focused on international markets. TransOrg stays ahead of the competing companies through its non-conventional approach by creating an Indian market first and designing analytics solutions that meet the local needs. They work closely with the front-end business teams to provide analytics, which have a direct impact on clients’ revenues. Their experience in Indian market has helped them expand their business in US.

Apart from unwavering commitment, TransOrg’s expertise lies in its predictive and real time analytics and Big Data. Their Data scientists accurately predict churn of telecom subscribers two months in advance, deliver real time content classification based on text analytics, help in chronic disease management in healthcare, cross-sell financial products and drive retargeting on any incomplete online transaction. TransOrg provides a range of solutions and services in the areas of Marketing and customer analytics, Market mix modeling, Web analytics, Social media analytics, Text and sentiment analytics, Social Network Analysis, Risk analytics and Cross channel engagement.

The company develops customized and proprietary solutions by using open source technologies. Industry centric proprietary models for analytics and Big Data have been developed with the help of open source tools such as ‘R’, PostgreSQL, Pentaho, Hadoop stack and NoSQL database. The key to the success of the company is its in-depth experience of implementing algorithms in MapReduce. TransOrg complements its open source expertise with leading enterprise analytics tools such as Alterian for columnar database, KXEN & SAS for Statistical Analytics engine and Webtrekk for Web Analytics. It has created a scalable and cost effective integration of ‘Big Data’ and ‘Predictive Analytics’ capabilities.

The future of the company is bright and blooming as it continues to gain success in offering cost effective solutions using open source analytics technologies. Its suppleness in changing the focus of analytics at a short notice and responding to clients in day-to-day business queries based on analytics gives an exclusive edge to TransOrg in the market today.