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Trawex Technologies: Equipping Travel Entrepreneurs with Affordable Solutions


When a team of technology professionals and business entrepreneurs having vast experience in the online-travel industry came together, they strived to create empowering online solutions to enable travel entrepreneurs to succeed. "There was a huge gap in the traditional travel industry and when we recognized that it was possible to offer more tailored and client-centric services as compared to other travel technology companies, we built Trawex Technologies," says Abraham, Managing Director, Trawex.

The Bangalore based Trawex offers online travel booking engine that integrates numerous cars, hotels, air and other suppliers on one platform. The company recognized a huge gap in online travel booking solutions where without significant capital investment; online travel entrepreneurs had little choice but to become low-margin travel affiliates of established travel entities. Trawex made their mission to create affordable, complete, travel-booking solutions, scalable to suit the needs of various members of the industry. The solution called 'TravelNext' integrates easily and allows the entire booking transaction to complete without leaving the travel site. The entire booking process on the clients' site and sales are never lost to technicalities associated with deep-linking, cookies and phone reservations. "Our standard solution is efficient, easily implemented, affordable and perfect for any agent who is looking to enter the online market or wanting to renew their current web booking system. No other company offers comparable supplier selection at such a low licensing cost," explicates Abraham. The solution is not rigid but customizable as per clients' requirements by offering additional functionality where required.

A gargantuan chunk of travel entrepreneurs are limited to loW-viable affiliate options and are looking for growth opportunities and technology solutions. Understanding this, Trawex decided to change the landscape and developed its solution to allow travel agencies of any size and classification, whether professional or home-based, to gain direct access to resources of hundreds of thousands of hotels, airlines and car rentals companies while maintaining high profit margin and low investment risks. This assists the clients to transform their online offering into a profitable and efficient business while reducing IT resources.

Through inspiring use of technology, the company has redefined how technology can support and drive forward the business of the tour operator, OTA, hotel aggregator and hotel wholesaler to achieve their goals. But this isn't the boundary for Trawex. They further envision offering their clients complementing social and mobile applications to empower the travel entrepreneurs with a competitive edge to help them effectively compete by offering unparalleled level of service, product offering and superb customer experience. "Here at Trawex, we have been helping travel entrepreneurs drive revenues through the direct online channel since the firm's inception and educating travel companies on how to leverage latest web technologies as part of a balanced distribution strategy," concludes Abraham.