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Unikove Technologies: Transforming 'Business Ideas' into a well-engineered Mobile/Web Solution


Almost a decade ago, it was not even possible for us to even imagine of carrying out meetings and conversations anytime and from anywhere. But today the huge growth rates and penetration of mobile phones have made it unavoidable for businesses to adopt enterprise mobility. This “anytime, anywhere” access to enterprise system has redefined the ways businesses operate today. However, businesses confront challenges in terms of data security and mobile device management. In addition, the drift towards BYOD has presented significant challenges for IT teams, pressurizing them in every way to incorporate robust data security measures for multitude of devices used in the organization. Understanding the challenging landscape of enterprise mobility, Unikove Technologies, headquartered in NCR/Delhi, focuses to ensure the security of data that resides on the device and helps to transform ‘business ideas’ into a well-engineered Mobile and Web application through its integrated design and technology processes. “We as mobile developers have to ensure the security of the data when it exists on the device and when it’s in transit. With easy access to basic hacking tools for devices to jailbreak, there is a huge risk and there are numerous measures, which need to be put in place to ensure security. Having a strong foothold in the creative space gives us the advantage to develop web and mobile solutions that are high on usability and design”, says Jasmeet Batra, CEO & Founder.
Addressing the complexities around mobile devices and corporate data security, Unikove has embraced a multi-layered approach to protect data for corporate as well as end-consumer solutions. This approach includes encryption between mobile device and the backend system using AES/MD5/RSA, AES based Database encryption, Preprocessing/String obfuscating for android devices, checks for Rooted/Jailbroken devices and clearing off objects/structures/cache during logoffs.
Unikove has always intended to transform “business ideas” by following a 3i concept to achieve the same. “The 3i” stands for Ideation, Interaction & Implementation. The Ideation phase involves ideating the business idea/product”, explains Jasmeet. While understanding the business requirement, doing a competitive analysis and interacting with the customers, the company drafts the navigation schema and creates the user interface layouts for the application / product. A lot of focus is given to get the UX right in this phase. The interaction phase is being followed by the implementation phase where the product/ application is developed and tested by both seasoned test engineers and UI designers.
The company has consistently been focused to offer 360-degree solutions for mobile app development in all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8, HTML5); web development, UI/UX design and server based development. In the coming years, Unikove intends to grow its customer base by taking its solutions to the diverse geographies of Europe, Australia and Middle East. As enterprises are keen to embrace “mobile first” approach, Unikove has been focusing to adapt / research on technologies that would be a game-changer in coming times, specific to the mobile domain. Further, the company wants to bear investments to build its own in-house product which in few years can pave the way for fast adoption of enterprise mobility.