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Wiley India: Wrox Certifications in Big Data Analytics


Insufficient technical and analytical know-how skills are the most imminent challenges when it comes to the use of big data today. While most companies intend to invest in big data technologies, a lack of human resources with expertise keeps them from gaining deeper insights. Wiley India, the subsidiary of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., a leading global publisher, is trying to resolve this issue and bridge the divide between the requirements of industry and what is being offered by the academia. The Wrox Big Data courses offer a scenario and case based learning by doing approach with live projects and virtual labs. “The differentiation we create is that while most of the courses available today follow a one way delivery model of providing videos, most of our courses follow a scenario based learning approach with a lot of simulations, labs, assessments along with the videos.” says Vikas Gupta, Managing Director, Wiley India.

The Big Data courses are available in three different models. The first model is purely Online, second model is purely Instructor led and the third is the hybrid model where classroom based teaching is supplemented through Online labs and videos. All three models are deployable based on Customer/Partner’s requirement and allow delivery of courses remotely where local training facility may not be available.

Wiley India lays a strong foundation for Big Data training by shaping the structure of the courses in accordance to the requirements of the industry and building entire courses around the job role provided by the IT and other companies as per the role of a big data analyst/developer. The training provider follows different approaches for corporates and individuals, in line with their knowledge and skills. Its student training program is 120 hours of teaching and labs while similar professional program is of 60 hours. When the students enter the Hadoop ecosystem, they are in a VMware based virtual controlled environment where they can learn and practice in real time. What sets Wiley apart from other Big Data training providers is that it makes it mandatory for every student to do a complete industry ready project at the end of the course and students use data sets from the industry itself.

From academic perspective, Wiley has created a specific program on how these integrate its courses with MBA and Engineering curriculum. The Big Data Analyst and Developer programs are now available and many more specialized Big Data courses would be launched later this year. Apart from these, Wiley India is also launching courses on Mobile App Development and Cloud Technologies.