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NDOT Technologies: Endeavoring to Create Interactive Apps and Accelerate App Development Process


It is no secret that social media is playing a heavy role in revolutionizing the business landscape. A leading B2B IT firm who is specialized in desktop, web, mobile related or based services and enterprise solutions was looking for an app that could help users to share information back and forth and at the same time show the list of followers and following list of its company. However, challenges in developing such social media app tethered many enterprise mobility purveyors owing to the dearth of agile approach and technology. After several researches, the firm approached Coimbatore based NDOT Technologies. NDOT, using BlackBerry technology created an interactive social networking app that allowed users to not only share information but also send and receive messages from other users. The app created gives out the details of the followers and following lists in an interactive manner and forms groups, and invites people to join them. This is just one case of instance where the company helped its clients to significantly improve their operations. There are several such case studies to reflect the contribution of NDOT in major burgeoning sectors. Articulating about its operations, Nandakumar Somasundaram, CEO says, “We are a Mobile Application Development company with a bunch of friendly mobile app developers providing full-fledged mobile solutions that can take your project ranging from a scribbling pad to hand-held devices”.
The growth of mobile apps is unprecedented and so are the challenges. While mobile app developers are increasingly formulating new ways to develop applications for business system, there are myriad of pitfalls in terms of data access, security and back-end integration. To meet these challenges, NDOT hires vibrant and seasoned developers, tailors mobile approaches using the best-breed-of technologies and proven methodologies and makes use of secured server through SSL layer to product all the data gleaned through communication taking place via mobile apps. Further, the company has its own backend integration platform which helps in mobilizing applications, accelerating app development and improving time-to-value for app deployment.
Keeping the convenience of the traveler and the taxi agency into account, NDOT has launched TaxiMobility application which makes travel easy and convenient. With this app, travelers become visible to the taxi drivers, thus helping scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling taxi as per convenience. “By clicking on the 'Find taxi' option, your phone's GPRS is activated. So if there is any taxi driver nearby, this GPRS signal will be shown in their mobile. Depending on the distance between the taxi and the passenger, the taxi driver can choose to respond or not”, says NandKumar. Furthermore, the company has launched an enterprise chat software-engagedots that serves as a communication platform for any retail, manufacturing, hospitality or financial service. Engineering, sales, purchase, HR, admin, finance functions can be performed easily with the help of engagedots.
With the booming impact of digitization, enterprise mobility and application landscape is creating many new business opportunities. And NDOT sees itself as a major contributor to the growth of enterprise mobility market. Moving ahead with its robust strategy, design, development, testing and deployment capabilities, the company is in the process to provide remarkable mobility services at affordable cost and on-time delivery.