5 edible creative ideas to try with the birthday cake

CIOREVEIWINDIA | Tuesday, 05 June 2018, 07:26 IST

cakesThe birthday cake occupies an integral place at any birthday party. There is a lot of details involved in the making of a birthday cake. These days one could notice that people are preferring theme cakes over the usual cakes. So, when theme/customised cakes in pune are preferred, there arises the notion of creativity. If you are baking all by yourself or you are planning to buy one, then you can make a mention to the cake seller of which design you would prefer for your cake that it would look creative and gets etched in the minds of the people.

People are more interested in ordering the cakes online these days. There are certain websites like bakeway which focuses on the various bakeries, confectioneries and home bakers within the city of Pune. The beauty of Bakeway.com is that you can see the entire list of shops, even those which are not listed in very famous websites.

Creative ideas to make the cake appear enticing to eyes and taste buds

These are the types of cake designs that still entice the eyes of buyers. The top 5 ideas are listed below.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cakes are multi-tier cakes. It consists of minimum three tiers. Since the cake is very huge in size and it has all the main colors, it occupies the central position of the party. It is one of those cakes which appears nice and also tastes equally nice.

Cupcakes birthday cake

The various tiny cupcakes are topped using top whipped crème. These cupcakes are arranged in the shape of a number. The number will indicate the age of the person. The cupcakes can be of varying flavors which adds a twist to the taste. You can also use fondant and make one giant cupcake as your birthday cake.

Butterfly Cake

This is one of the cakes that do not take a lot of time to get prepared. The vanilla base of the cake topped with few layers of creams and adorned with gems all make the butterfly cake. The butterfly cake is the one you must think of ordering when you have very less time left and ordering at the eleventh hour.

Photo Cakes

It is indeed a lovely sight to see our favorite photos imprinted on the cake. The best part of it is that we can consume the cake with the image on it. It is purely edible. The photo cakes are the go tos' during birthdays and other important functions.

Edible wedding flower cakes

If you are not a fan of rectangularly shaped pastries, then you must try out the tiered cake of the weddings that are adorned with frostings that look like natural flowers and beads. The standard wedding cakes are preferred by people for birthday parties too. It all depends on one's taste and needs.

As it is not that great to see that the decorative items over the cakes are not edible. So, when the items are made edible in nature, it is indeed lovely to eat the original like flowers and other similar ornamental purpose items.