Buying Used Bikes Made More Reliable with CredR Mileage Metre

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 07 June 2016, 10:55 IST

CredR, India’s most trusted online marketplace for buying and selling used two-wheelers, launched a one-of -its-kind, technologically-aided inspection tool for bikes called the “Mileage Metre” to provide an accurate and reliable mileage reading of a bike.

In an effort to streamline the unorganised marketplace of pre-owned automobiles, e-commerce players are now developing disruptive methods to bring standardisation in terms of price and processes. Purchase decision in the pre-owned automobile space, largely relies on parameters like mileage and price. Market-players are realising the need to enhance the customer experience related to these deciding parameters. Thus, the shift from traditional to technologically modern techniques, to ensure standardisation as well as accuracy in pricing and mileage calculation.

 “Our internal research of 2000 data points, suggests that mileage is and has been the first and foremost parameter that a customer looks at while making a two-wheeler purchase, as it determines the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. In a market like India, best mileage bikes drive the highest sales, especially when it comes to a second-hand bike purchase.” says Sumit Chhazed, Co-founder CredR.  CredR’s “Mileage Metre” is a user-friendly, technologically-aided, device setup that calculates the mileage of a two-wheeler. With this launch, CredR aims to make its inspection process more robust and reliable as a manual evaluation of mileage tends to be erratic and inaccurate.

The device is composed of a capacitance-based fuel sensor which is linked to the bike’s fuel tank. When the vehicle is on a test run, the fuel consumed is recorded through the fuel flow sensor and the distance travelled is recorded in terms of wheel rotations. The sensors are integrated into an android application, and the readings are directly received on this application via a wireless network. The Mileage Metre is a high-precision device that can process the calculation with a reading difference as low as 1 milliliter of fuel and distance travelled as small as 20 centimeters.

The entire setup is connected through a wireless network and is digitised, thus refraining from any tedious and heavy installations.

Commenting on the launch, Akshay Ghadage, Research Analyst at CredR, said, “CredR stands for Trust, Transparency and Convenience. We want our Auto Experts to fetch the essential bike details efficiently, in less time and offer the best reliable inspection results to customers, eradicating any human errors. As for the device structure, we have made the design portable and easy to use.”