Establishment of the Basic Procurement Policy and CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 04:55 IST
Osaka, Japan; President, CEO & COO: Hideo Takasaki) has established the Basic Procurement Policy and CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines as part of its ongoing efforts to conduct procurement activities based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Committed to acting with integrity at all times, the Nitto Group endeavors to fulfill its CSR by giving careful consideration to human rights, the environment, and the community, whilst concurrently seeking to develop its business as a good corporate citizen.
In line with that commitment, and to declare its determination to also practice social responsibility in the area of procurement, the Nitto Group has established its Basic Procurement Policy, which provides the basic philosophy and procedures for its procurement activities.
The fulfillment of CSR-based procurement cannot be achieved without the cooperation of every participant throughout the entire supply chain. Therefore, the Nitto Group has also established the CSR-Based Procurement Guidelines which itemize the expectations we have of suppliers, and asks its valued suppliers to act in accordance with these Guidelines. In addition, with the establishment of these documents, the Nitto Group Green Procurement Standards have been revised accordingly. With the generous cooperation of its suppliers, the Nitto Group is renewing its determination to meet its CSR obligations to an even greater extent.