GFI India Shortens Time to Manage Employee Lifecycle with Oracle

CIOREVEIWINDIA | Thursday, 10 May 2018, 06:44 IST

“By streamlining our HR processes with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud for Midsize Cloud Service, we gained a single view of talent profile and reduced the time to manage employee lifecycle. Managers can easily access and update performance review feedback and increase user adoption.” — Saravana Kumar, AVP, GFI Informatique India Pvt., Ltd.

GFI India Gains a Single View of Talent Profile and Improves Efficiency in Managing Employee Lifecycle with Oracle

GFI Informatique India Pvt., Ltd. (GFI India) is an Oracle Platinum Partner, Cloud Standard that provides implementation, upgrade, solution design, and managed services for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud applications. By leveraging its niche expertise and rich experience as an offshore development center, GFI India develops reliable IT solutions for customers to streamline their businesses.

Before Oracle HCM Cloud, GFI India used an in-house HR system with limited capabilities to track employee information and performance appraisals. To support future growth, GFI India wanted to streamline and adopt best practices for HR processes by using a flexible and scalable human capital management (HCM) platform.


Gain a complete view of talents’ skills and qualification across the business with a single HCM platform to capture and store employee records, such as education certificate for a program manager, instead of a shared drive

Improve operating efficiency by enabling HR team and hiring managers to easily track and manage employee lifecycle and ensure a better onboarding experience for new hires


Reduced turnaround time significantly to track and manage employee information, such as identity cards and appraisal feedback by providing HR with the visibility to monitor the task list and completeness of employee information in a single system of record rather than sending emails to IT and stakeholders

Improved talent management by allowing managers and staff members to easily access and upload documents, such as training certificates for IT consultant positions, into a single HCM platform and gaining complete aspects of talent profile and lifecycle

“We are already an Oracle Partner, so it made sense to adopt Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud for Midsize Cloud Service over other vendors. This also gave us first-hand, in-house deployment experience, enabling us to expand Oracle HCM Cloud to our customers.” — Saravana Kumar, AVP, GFI Informatique India Pvt., Ltd.


GFI India formed a project team—including a project manager, subject matter expert, two HCM Cloud functional consultants, and a HCM Cloud technical consultant to configure, validate, and transition to Oracle HCM Cloud. It went live smoothly with the new platform in just four months.