Headfitted Solutions Amongst Top 3 Winners at Prestigious ICICI Appathon

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 11:28 IST

The big honchos of the Banking, Financial Services and Software Industry came together to successfully host the ICICI Appathon recently.

The Appathon attracted over 3400 participants from across the globe. Headfitted Solutions based out of Pune was among the winners of second edition of Prestigious ICICI Appathon.


Over 3400 participants all over the world joined hands to make this ICICI Appathon successful. More than 250 APIs were made available to participants across categories such as Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, ICICI Group, and Partners such as NPCI and Visa. Headfitted solutions was honoured amongst top 3 winners. The winners were selected from 10 finalists from the 3400 participants competing for the award from India as well from across the globe.

The 2 member app development team from Headfitted designed, developed, QA tested the entire application using visual modelling, automation & one-click deployment approach to application delivery. The team created a native app having user login (Online & offline), unique id creation, camera usage, validations among other things.

Headfitted Solutions’ team utilized OutSystems full-cycle rapid application development platform to develop the app –inclusive of native device capabilities (Camera, GPS etc). OutSystems vastly simplifies every stage of the app development and delivery process.

Siya Ul-Haqu, Director at Headfitted Solutions said, “Rapid Application Development is ushering unprecedented changes in deployment speeds and scalability. He added, “I noticed that development time using OutSystems shortened drastically. The boundaries in terms of programming skills were eliminated since the interface is so easy to use. Deployment is much easier since it ensures that all dependencies are included in the project.