IntelliGrape to Empower Big Data Solutions through DataStax Partner Network Program

CR Team | Wednesday, 09 July 2014, 04:48 IST

New Delhi: The premium and innovative technology company, IntelliGrape, has announced its tie-up with DataStax Partner Network Program. The collaboration is aimed towards enhancing the adoption of their renowned Apache Cassandra-based database.

Founded in 2008, IntelliGrape has been known for developing and managing high quality applications for web, mobile, cloud and social media platforms. Being a leading player in building custom Big Data solutions, the brand chose the DataStax Partner Network Program for more scalable, flexible and business relevant Big Data solutions built on Apache Cassandra platform. With that, DataStax provides IntelliGrape an access to its ETL/Data Integration, BI/Reporting and Development Tools.

“We are very excited to join hands with DataStax, which we feel will help us leverage this cutting edge platform to build and support Big Data solutions for our enterprise and start-up clients,” says Narinder Kumar, VP Engineering, IntelliGrape. “All businesses across the globe are witnessing rapid technological and digital revolution, leading to a burgeoning amount of data, which needs to be analyzed efficiently and effectively for strategic business decisions”.

“We are delighted to welcome IntelliGrape into the DataStax Partner Network as our first partner in New Delhi.  IntelliGrape clearly offers some great experience with Cassandra projects and without doubt will benefit both businesses and the Cassandra community,” adds Tim Marston, Channel Director, DataStax.

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