Linux Foundation's Openchain Project Welcomes Lyra Infosystems As New Partner!

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 13 February 2020, 07:24 IST

Linux Foundation’s Openchain Project Welcomes Lyra Infosystems As New Partner!Lyra Infosystems is pleased to announce that its now the Official Partner for the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Project. Lyra Infosystems is the first Indian company to achieve Open Chain 1.0 conformant status with extensive experience of helping companies globally adopt and manage Open Source Software. Lyra Infosystems has also certified for Open Chain 2.0 conformance thereby supporting the OpenChain Eco-system.

Lyra Infosystems offers services around Software Composition Analysis, Open Source Security, Open Source Compliance, Open Source Audits, Open Source Vulnerability Assessment, Open Source Support and more. Beyond offering a wide range of services related to the effective and efficient use of open source technology, Lyra Infosystems is also an active participant in the broader OpenChain community, collaborating alongside user companies to build great reference material and to support the principle of making open source compliance obtainable by companies everywhere. Furthering its dedication to being an Enterprise Open Source company, this partnership will help Lyra Infosystems spread the word about the OpenChain project to a more wider audience.

With respect to OpenChain Project, it is one of the Linux Foundation Projects, which identifies key recommended processes for effective open source management. It is centered on managing enterprise compliance in open-source supply chains. The OpenChain project helps companies find ways to comply with open-source licensing requirements.

The OpenChain specification identifies the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program. OpenChain conformance allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to adhere to compliance requirements and meet the OpenChain Specification. This builds trust between companies in the supply chain.

Also, the OpenChain curriculum supports this process by providing extensive reference material for effective open source training and management. The result is that open source license compliance becomes much more predictable, understandable and efficient for all participants in the software supply chain. The project is described as “a community effort to establish best practices for effective management of open source software compliance.

The OpenChain standard defines inflection points in business workflows where a compliance process, policy or training should exist to minimize the potential for errors and maximize the efficiency of bringing solutions to market. The OpenChain standard is being prepared for submission to ISO and evolution from de facto into a formal standard in 2020.

With many applications making use of open-source libraries, it’s now up to the developers and their companies to make sure they use the code as defined in whichever license the project uses.

“We are excited and delighted to be part of the OpenChain Ecosystem to offer OpenChain conformance services, Open Source Policy, Process, Compliance consultation, Legal Remediation, and Audit services to organizations around the globe. Lyra Infosystems is an Open Source promoter, user, provider and a services organization with more than 280+ customers across geographies, domains, industries and technology verticals,” says Naba Magrabi, Open Source Senior Consultant for Lyra Infosystems.

“The OpenChain community is extremely diverse and our engagement with Lyra Infosystems is an excellent example of this,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “As both an open-source user and a vendor providing open-source services, Lyra Infosystems bridges the two primary business use-cases for our technology approach. I am delighted to build on our fantastic collaboration around OpenChain conformance and to formally provide another commercial support option for user companies in India and beyond.”