NCC Group offers more in-depth business intelligence with new website monitoring service

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 19 May 2016, 11:45 IST

NCC Group’s Website Performance division has launched a new Real User Monitoring (RUM) service to complement its existing synthetic monitoring solution.

The global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation’s new offering will give organisations real-time business intelligence by providing performance metrics for visitors to their website.

Data including page load speed, geographical location of visitors and the device used to get to the site will be captured by the RUM service. This will provide an end-user view of what is happening on the site, which clients can then use to make improvements.

Bryan Courtney-Bennett, associate director at NCC Group, said: “Having a fast and efficient website is becoming increasingly important to businesses operating in every sector, regardless of size. Slow load speeds and poor device optimisation can have a huge impact on customer retention and ultimately on their bottom line.

 “The real-time data captured by RUM will paint a picture of the online customer experience as well as the end-user demographic. This kind of data can be invaluable in showing where a business needs to focus its efforts in order to improve its site.”

Clients who use the service will have access to a private online portal where they are able to view the captured data and analytics, highlighting where customers are coming from, how they are using the website and where they drop off. Consultants will also be on-hand to explain and discuss the results if required.

Courtney-Bennett continued: “RUM is effectively user analytics in real-time, with site performance from the visitor’s perspective at the heart of it. IT teams can quickly identify slow pages, see how many customers are affected and, more importantly, narrow down possible causes in no time and rectify the problem.”