New Rules for Helicopter Tour in Dubai

cioreviewindia Team | Friday, 15 January 2021, 06:58 IST

8 Cloud Computing Advantages for Businesses to Explore in 2021You must have planned quite well to have a memorable trip while in Dubai. The desert safari, the fishing experience, the skyscrapers, and many others are some of the famous attractions that attract tourists to Dubai from across the globe. But the pandemic has impacted Dubai too with the same fear that the rest of the world is suffering from. Though Dubai has managed to keep the severity under control till now, the fear is always there.

If you are planning to visit Dubai in such a situation, you may have to follow some of the very strict rules and regulations. If you have a booking of the helicopter tour in Dubai, you have to follow some of the new rules that the service providers are implementing.

Online Booking:

Now, most of the service providers are offering the customers to make their booking online in place of getting a booking confirmed over a call. When the customers are making a booking online, they will go through the safety measures that the service provider is taking and can follow them strictly during the ride. Also, most of the service providers are preferring online booking as it offers them the convenience of closing the bookings when the quota for a day is full.

Safety Rules:

The entire world is now following the major safety rules that have been prescribed by the WHO and other medical experts to combat COVID . The helicopter ride service providers are also following these safety rules and you also need to understand them carefully.

  • Social Distancing:

    Whether it is at the venue or inside the helicopter, you have to maintain social distancing so that the chance of the infection getting spread out is reduced. You should follow the markings made by the service provider to help them in this.

  • Masks:

    Wearing masks is a mandatory thing for all the passengers. You will find the professionals of the helicopter ride will be there in a specialised suit so that they can stay safe and keep you safe too. So, you should also do your bit by wearing the masks so that you do not catch any infection.

  • Sanitization:

    Before you enter the helicopter, the entire vehicle is sanitized so that you can stay safe from any kind of infection. Similarly, when you leave the helicopter, it is again sanitized to make it safe for the next ride. There are also sanitizers available at different places so that you can also keep on sanitizing your hands from time to time. So, while the professionals are taking care of you, it is also your responsibility to take care of your fellow passengers.

    The COVID situation has forced the entire world to adopt the new safety rules to stay safe from the infection. While things are getting back to normal after a lockdown in several places, the helicopter service providers in Dubai are taking extreme care to keep their passengers safe. So, while you are on a trip to Dubai and are about to experience a great helicopter ride, you should also make sure to follow the new rules.