Oracle Enables Mobile Operators to Securely Increase Network Coverage and Capacity Using Internet

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 25 February 2016, 05:48 IST
Consumer use of mobile devices continues to expand at a breakneck pace, which makes it challenging for mobile network operators to deliver the coverage and capacity required for a high quality customer experience. To address this challenge, Oracle has recently announced that Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway will provide new ways to help communications service providers (CSPs) cost effectively expand network coverage and increase capacity by safely and securely incorporating Wi-Fi and the internet into the mobile core. In addition, the newly introduced support for Wi-Fi calling allows CSPs to leverage Wi-Fi to address problematic indoor voice coverage problems to provide customers with a consistent mobile network experience even in areas that were previously dead zones in the network.

Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway enables CSPs to:

·  Improve indoor voice coverage: With Wi-Fi calling, CSPs can use Wi-Fi as an access network for the mobile core to enable voice and video calling, as well as rich messaging

·  Relieve congestion in the macro network: CSPs can use Wi-Fi offload to unburden data traffic from the macro network and securely move it to the internet

·  Improve coverage and capacity in difficult to reach and high density areas: Small, strategically placed base stations, called small cells, enable CSPs to expand coverage and increase capacity of the mobile network

“The reality is that the macro networks alone cannot solve the seemingly never ending growth in network demand, and it is critical that CSPs find a solution. Increases in customer churn are directly correlated with poor service quality, and unfortunately for the CSPs, customers have other options from over-the-top and competitive service providers,” said Stéphane Téral, Senior Research Director, IHS Inc. “With its Mobile Security Gateway, Oracle Communications addresses CSPs’ thorny issue of providing a cost-effective way to use ubiquitous Wi-Fi and internet to create a more scalable network to better serve their customers with Wi-Fi calling, Wi-Fi offload and small cells capabilities.”

Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway offers the high-performance and secure gateway that interconnects the un-trusted Wi-Fi and internet with the mobile core. The resulting new heterogeneous networks enable CSPs to increase capacity, expand coverage, and ultimately deliver voice and data services to consumers with higher quality and with no other apparent change to the consumer. The product is built using the same proven security and scalability that is offered by Oracle Communications Session Border Controller.

“Wi-Fi is a standard capability in mobile operating systems. And so the opportunity for CSPs to use it in their mobile networks is clear—both to make the network more reliable and to deliver the kinds of Wi-Fi-enabled services customers are asking for,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “The Oracle Communications Mobile Security Gateway makes sure they can leverage this opportunity, and do so securely.”