Q-Centrix Unveils Q-Apps to Improve Healthcare's Overall Quality Performance

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 28 May 2015, 11:33 IST

CHICAGO, IL: Q-Centrix, a provider of data abstraction services in healthcare has announced its fully-integrated healthcare quality information system, Q-Apps to improve patient outcomes and also helps safety professionals to meet quality requirements.

The healthcare quality information system leverages Q-Centrix's abstraction services and data to build a quality information system to help hospitals in getting apt data in a lesser time. The services this system offers include Infection control; Readmission Reduction; Registry Abstraction; and Concurrent Review.

Infection control helps the healthcare industry in reviewing patient records and cultures to eliminate the upcoming risks at the early stages; Readmission Reduction enables hospitals to view accurate prediction of a patient's risk for readmission instantly and reduce them; Registry Abstraction helps hospitals to keep updated reports so as to meet with the harvest dates; Concurrent Review gives real time review of the patient data and also updates the healthcare about the right kind of medication.

"We developed Q-Apps to help hospitals across the country maximize the performance of their healthcare quality efforts to both improve patient outcomes and capture more quality-linked reimbursement dollars. Q-Apps effectively prepares quality and safety professionals, physicians and administrators to meet and exceed current quality requirements and positions them to be prepared to meet new requirements as they are presented," notes Milton Silva-Craig, CEO, Q-Centrix."