Raritan Introduces Raritan Secure Switches to guard against cyber intrusion

CIO Review Team | Friday, 30 March 2018, 08:54 IST

New Delhi, March 22nd 2018: — Raritan® — a brand of Legrand, and a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions introduces thenew KVM Secure Switch that provides a number of security features for accessing computers in companies, government, military, and intelligence agencies. The newswitch protects information by managing access and information transfers based on a computer’s security classification level - ranging from top secret to confidential to unclassified. The switch also provides tamper-resistant and intrusion-detection features.

Unlike other secure switches, a single Raritan Secure Switch can work in an analog (VGA) or digital (DVI, HDMI) formats such as 4K Ultra HD, high-definition and standard resolutions. This feature will support both new and legacy systems offering the highest levels of desk top security.

Anjani Kumar, India Country Manager, Raritan said, “Digital data infinancial, telecom & IT companies, government, military and related agencies is at its peak and so is the data surveillance and security. Keeping in mind the confidentiality of the information that is being accessed internally, the Raritan Secure Switch (RSS)is highly relevant for the Indian market. It not onlyclears keyboard data automatically to prevent unauthorized transfer or retention but also locks down the firmware to prevent unauthorized modification. Having undergone comprehensive testing, the secure switch is essential when a user switches between computer systems at different classification levels.”

Multi-level physical and logical security defenses

Raritan Secure Switches provide multiple levels of protection including:

  • Strict isolation between computers at different classification levels. When secure switching between computers, data is not buffered and cannot leak from one classification level to another.
  • Tamper-resistant features that show visual evidence of physical tampering.
  • Intrusion-detection feature that will disable operations if the Secure Switch’s case is compromised.
  • Firmware is locked down to prevent unauthorized modification.
  • Keyboard data is automatically cleared to prevent transfer or retention.

The Raritan Secure Switch is available in India   in models with two and four ports, and with the option of Common Access Card (CAC) authentication. These models support a single DVI-I (digital and analog) and USB user console - with optional audio from the connected computer.