TI Introduces High-Power Switch to Handle Multiple Loads in Automotive Body Electronics

CIOReview Team | Monday, 08 June 2015, 09:21 IST

DALLAS, TX: The automotive industry has been continuously enhancing its model which makes the system more complex and requires processing various loads simultaneously. Addressing these challenges, Texas Instruments (TI) introduces TPS1H100-Q1 – a smart, high-side power switch with programmable current limit. The new powerful switch enables designers to drive multiple loads with advanced flexibility in several automotive systems including powertrain, body-electronics and driver-information systems, thus ensuring reliability. It provides 20 percent higher current-sense accuracy to allow intelligent, real-time diagnosis for load checking that enables designer to drive profile and problem areas as well as detect system deterioration and circuit dysfunctionality. TPS1H100-Q1 switch facilitates adjustable current limit that gives designers to have flexible control. The switch comprises high-voltage avalanche structure to handle voltage fluctuation for inductive load recirculation by removing Zener transient voltage suppressors and free-wheel diodes. It is certified by Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) with qualification standards of AEC Q100-012 Grade A compliance to pass stress test qualification for Integrated Circuits (ICs) that shows its lifetime reliability in automotive and industrial environments. Multiple applications from power savings to power distribution and sequencing leverage the capabilities of new highly-integrated load switch which in turn decreases Bill of Material (BOM) count and solution size and adds enhanced protection features.