Transforming Retail Businesses Through Google Cloud For Retail Solutions

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 14 January 2020, 13:41 IST

Transforming Retail Businesses Through Google Cloud For Retail SolutionsCloud computing has contributed to a major part in the improvement of world economy. Especially the ones in the retail sector are seeing huge possibilities with the cloud technology and are trying to make optimum use out of it. Since more number of companies have started realizing the benefits of cloud computing, Google‘s Cloud management team has decided to focus its efforts on adding up services for retailers. Therefore, the company has developed numerous cloud solutions for retail sector that will help retailers to deliver compelling customer experiences and accelerate transformation across businesses. And, today, Google has launched numerous updates to its retail services through NRF 2020, which is one of the world’s largest retail conference and expo.

With an aim to target retailers who want to technologize their store operations and infrastructure, the company has made a few announcements that include Google Cloud API Management for retail powered by Apigee, and Google cloud Anthos for Retail.

In order to create better online experiences organizations have to capture omni channel growth. This is where Google Cloud provides numerous tools for retailers who are interested in providing more intuitive product discovery for consumers.

Providing accurate inventory planning and streamlining the supply chain functions can determine the success and failure of a business. By leveraging the state-of-the-art cloud AI technologies, Google has launched Google Cloud Search for Retail, a new tool powered by Google search infrastructure. This provides high-quality product search results for both websites and mobile applications, which facilitates the ability to come up with right products, for the right customers at the right time. Moreover, with Google Cloud’s new Buy Optimization and Demand Forecasting service offering, retailers can plan their inventory and manage their supply chains, making it easier for them to deliver the right products to the right channels.

Moving forward, the company has ambitions to become the second largest cloud provider in the coming years and in order to achieve this, Google needs large organizations to opt for these services specifically the ones that are in the process of figuring out their cloud strategies.